Do you now the best places to visit for College students in Europe

I'll be visiting Europe for ten days with a couple of friends in the Spring. We want to see a lot or Europe but we're on a budget. We want to see germany , Spain and Italy. Anything you can suggest?


Country: Germany


maybe u can try something called mitfahr or wochenendeticket u can find about them easily by doing a search using google magic, those info concerning Germany but any thing else i have no idea what to tell u. Dresden is a great city to visit, form there u can find cheap trips to Prague which also is a nice city to be visited. The wochenendeticket can also be used in Poland.if the city u r visiting in any part of europe has a river sides, usualy u can find on those river sides boats offering cheap hostels. Have fun.
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There are 2 possibilities to travel cheap in germany. At the weekend (saturday and sunday) there is a weekend ticket for train called "Schönes-Wochenende-Ticket" - its for 5 Persons, cost 39 Eur and you can use trains called S-Bahn, RB, IRE, RE on both days.

The other one is going by "Mitfahrgelegenheit" - means private person pick you up by car - the website is

There are somany citys you should have seen in germany. People love the landscape and the old castles in south-germany. In middle germany are big citys like Frankfurt, Berlin or the area called "Ruhrpott" and of course the north (beach and ocean).

In every city you find an I-Punkt - means the tourist information - there you can find informations about the best places to visit. Every city has a website were you find the Tourism Information, too.

I hope you have a lot of fun in Germany!
In Germany, Berlin is a must visit, then I would suggest Munich and the Neuschwanstein Castle (which is close to Munich). Both these cities have international airports. to roam around in the city, you can buy a day ticket, which would be really cheap. Go to the Tourist Information center (generally outside Main railway station) where you can get all the information and a city map for free. And do not forget to carry your Student ID (international student identity card- ISIC preferable) as you will get reduction on all the entry tickets. in Berlin you can see lot of interesting museums, Berliner Dome, etc. In Munich there is a big BMW museum. If you are a automobile fan, you should also visit Stuttgart (for Benz and Porsche museum). In Spain, you must visit Barcelona and Madrid, if possible Bilbao also. In Italy, Venice is MUST, then Rome, Vatican city, leaning tower of Pisa etc etc. Do let me know if you have more questions or if you want to know something in particular.
Germany: Berlin, Cologne, Munich. Spain: Madrid, Bilbao, Barcelona. Italy: Venice, San Gimignano, Florence, Rome, Pisa. It depends what your interests are - Architecture? Nature? Sports? 10 days is too short to visit all three countries. Unless your budget allows for Plane travel, I would suggest doing either Germany & Italy and then Spain on another trip, or Spain & Italy and then Germany on a second trip. The train is great to travel from Berlin to Munich then over the Alps to Italy. Of course, a trip along the Italian and French Riviera toward southern Spain is also great!

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