Can anyone tell me how can I get to the top of the Sugarloaf in Rio?


City: Rio de Janeiro

State: Rio de Janeiro

Country: Brazil


You can go by cable car or you can climb (you´ll need all the climbing gear for it´s a pretty steep hill).
just take the cable car that goes up there.
It starts from the praia vermelha, first stopping in the morro de urca and then changing to a second cable car going up to the pao de acucar
it goes from 8:10 in the morning until 20:20 and goes out every 20 min, or when it feels up (65 prs)
price should be 44 reals for any person above 12
22 reals for a child between 6-12 YO
and free for under 6 YO children
i think that persons above 60 will get a discount of 50% by showing an original ID (but that may only imply to brazilians)
you can pay with VISA or MASTERCARD or in cash only
by the way between the 15th to the 21th of JUNE the second cable car will be replaced not allowing the continuation up untill the pao de acucar. as you only go half way they will only charge you half way
and by the way a cool thing is to take a short helicopter ride from the helipoint up in morro de urca, last time i checked it was 90 reals for the shortest flight.
I do not recomend climbing up there it is very steep and dengerous
Hi you can go by cable car. It's from Praia Vermelha to Santa Teresa. Praia Vermelha is located between Botafogo and Praia da Urca! Both near Copacabana Beach!
Cable is the easy way up. Anyway, the sugarloaf is composed by 2 different mountains. There are some light walks to get to the shorter one, and the view is already amazing from there. It takes about 30-40 minutes walking up.
When you go to the Sugar Loaf, just do not forget to see the trail Claudio Coutinho!
Mountain climbing is the answer my friend!
you should be a mountain expert to do it.

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