how can i spend a 4-month vacation in saudi arabia?? thanks


Country: Saudi Arabia


4 months vacation

OMG too much 4 saudi arabia

but anyways

U can go to "abha"
nice weather
amazing views

U can go to "Jeddah"
big malls
theme parks

also malls

thats 4 now

hopefully i helped U

4 Months More than Enough to Explore this great Kingodom and its Beauty.

4 Regions of KSA. EAST WEST NORTH and SOUTH ! and all in center :D

Saudi arabia is Beautiful summer people go more to the cold areas like Abha, then to Beeches in the East and West. [its summer now, some ppl go to cold countries]

in RIyadh its beautful for SHopping, For PhotoGraphy, Saudi Traditions, Center Point, for GOing out for a Safari ETC.

you can go to SAudi Governmetns Website for any kind of information..... its a beautiful place for 4 5 months and for me living here its awsome !
Go to jubail and dammam for the beaches, Alhasa for the oasis and Caves(al garah) and springs. jeddah is on the red sea and more cosmopolitan than other cities. if you are muslim of course go to mecca and medina.
What to do its a big list

last start from jeddah
1.take a villa in abhour stay for two week and rome all the places in jeddah
2.take a trip to taif
3.from taif go to dammam
4.stay in dammam for 2 weeks or more
5.from there you have to go to al baha
6.from there you have to go to abha
7.then strait to jizan from there take a trip to farsan island stay there for a 2 week
last but not least
8.then change the date in your watch.
4 months in Saudi !!!! are you sane :)
just kidding, but really this is too much for Saudi unless you have to :)
4 months during the summer season in Saudi Arabia is actually too much, people are usually flocking out of the countriy during these extreme weathers and already it has touched 50 deg. in the eastern region. you could spend a few weeks in Abha and a week each in Jeddah, Riyadh and Dammam. And if you want to earn some sawab then spend the whole month of Ramazan in Mecca and Medina. Happy Holidays.

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