Help needed with finding Kopla River(Slovenia) raft/boat rides

Are there any companies/guides that offer boat or raft trips down the Kopla River in Solvenia? My grandfather(hes from Ravnace) and I will be there in June.


Country: Slovenia


Do you by Kopla River mean Kolpa River? I hope so.
Here are some internet sites about Kolpa:

I hope this will be of any help to you!

enjoy your Slovenia tour!

Hi D.,
you can find more information on web page: or you can contact another company on e-mail: .
Let me konw if you need anything elese.
Have a nice trip, Blanka.
Hi, Denna87,

You probably mean the KOLPA river in the region of Bela Krajina in the southeast of our country, if so,plase read on......
The adress below and the mail link should help. They are one of the most popular rafting and boat organizers in that area. You should contact them and ask for aditional info.
You should have no problem comunicating, foreign languages are well spoken in Slovenia, so feel free to call them.

Tine & Co. d.o.o., podjetje za šport, turizem in rekreacijo
Srednji Radenci 2,
8342 Stari trg/Kolpi
tel. (00386)41 518 536 (Tine), (00386)51 205 159 (Andreja),
01 8943 780, ki je tudi fax.!

For any other information contact me anytime, will be happy to help.......
As I can see you got enough contacts for the Kolpa river rafting possibilities but I if you are looking for a real adventure Kolpa as well as other rivers don't have enough water in the summer months. The best place for rafting is nevertheless the Soca river even though June is not the best month. Check some sites:

I also recommend visiting Krizna jama underground cave in the southg by boat. You must book in advance so I advise you to check the site beforehand. There are only 600 visitors per year who have the chance to enter the cave.

Let me know how you liked it!!

I would suggest you to use this family: as they provide full service (rent-a-kanu, sightseeing, transport, food, games along the ride, very friendly...)
Everything you need is on this adress: . Have a great time!
some links that may help you:


I am very happy you decided to stay in a beautiful place like Kolpa river. My friend is from this region and is having there also a small nice camp, and more important, he knows a lot of people there. So my suggestion is, that you contact him when you will be around and for sure you will find a best way to spend your holidays.

Here is his web page:

I wish you a nice stay in Slowenia.
I was informed u need information abaut Kolpa rafting. Am I right?
You can visit this site but is written in slovene. It s better if u call one of this numbers and ask for information abaut rafting: +38641 518 536, +38651 205 159

Good luck! If u are not sure find me i will hlp u.

Kolpa river is one of the best place to visit !! recomend for sure

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