Hi! I'll be staying in Portoroz, Slovevia from feb to june. What are the worthseeing places in that area?


Country: Slovenia


Hello. If you are staying this long, I think you can visit all Slovenia.Also Portorož itself is a very nice place specialy if you are looking for some entertainment.
But in the costal part of our country, very close to Portorož, there is a national park of Sečoveljske soline(salt fields), where you can go around and see the museum and also buy a special salt from there. They are producing also salty chocolate, which is delicious(you have to try).Town of Piran is just few kilometers from Portorož and is lovely mediavel town, with few very good restaurants and bars around. For sure you will not avoid visiting the capital of litoral region,Koper.Also it is more than worth visiting Postojna cave, which is about half hour driving from Portorož. It is the world most visited cave and is about 21km long, but you can visit 5km of it, partly with a small train inside and partly walking. It is great experience. About the same distance is to go to Lipica, where you can see a Lipizaner horse show.
Here you have a few first suggestions, but I don't know, what are your main interests, so do not hesistate, to ask me more.
I am looking forward to see you in my country.
I will hit you with some brainstorming about our country. Like my collegue said you can visit the whole country in these months. Nearby, don't forget about a nice medieval church in Hrastovlje with an amazing fresco, beside Postojna cave - Škocjan caves are much more interesting and on the UNESCO heritage list. Move around Slovenia a bit. Another nice cave is Križna jama in the south of Slovenia where you can book an individual experience in a small boat (up to 4 people) and doo all the underworld lakes equiped with special gear. My favourite region in Slovenia is around Bovec and the Soča river (rafting is a must), visit the World War I museum in Kobarid, the mountains like Mangart, where you can climb up the Slovenian part and come down into Austria, climb the highest peak Triglav in our only national park with the Triglav lake and Trenta, don't forget to drive up the highest mountain pass Vršič to see the Russian chapel and much more. I would recommend a weekend on Velika planina to see the typical wooden cottages and savour some fresh local cheese. Logarska valley in a must in the north-eastern Slovenia and of course at least one lake. Go pass lake Bled to lake Bohinj which is much higher and untouched by mass tourism. If you ever come all the way to Maribor I will show you my town with its oldest vine in the world. I can also assist you with some basic language skills.

Dobrodošel v Sloveniji! Welcome to Slovenia!

Hi also from me. As my previous colleagues wrote all important sights in Slovenia, I would like to add Soca valley and its beauties - majestic waterfalls, fabulous river pools, exceptional and inimitable Soca river, hidden ravines, mysterious springs, gorges and canyons, myriads of shapes that water has been carving, drop by drop, in the rock for thousands of years. Nowhere else could you find in such a small area so many diverse forms of the eternal, ever returning cycle of nature. The area is so rich with natural and cultural heritage that I am 100% sure you will find something for you. See also website
Area you are asking about is much too small to have any problems discovering it for you.
I think you should take oportunity to see also some other places near or around Slovenia (Venice, Viena, Italian Dolomiti Mountains, Austrian Alps...).
And try some very good vine from Slovenia - it's worth, you'll see!
Being close to the Kras region you must also try "pršut". Venice is close, maybe it would be interesting if you take a boat trip from Izola or Piran (Prince of Venice, Dora, Venezialines). In Portorož be sure to check out the new Kempinski Palace hotel :). I would also recommend Škocjan caves, which are much more beautiful than the Postojna caves, but you have to walk (hour and a half), there is no train. A day or weekend trip to Ljubljana might also be interesting.
If you will come to Maribor, let me know, I would love to show you my city from my eyes!
As it was said before, Slovenia is a small country...if you will stay here around June, it is worth to go towards Nova Gorica (Goriska Brda) when they have a so called "cherry days" days when delicious cherries are ready to be picked up and offcourse also eaten :). I deffinately suggest visiting Vipava wine cellar for some wine tasting, or there is also a good wine cellar in Goriška can return over Karst region, where you can stop in Štanjel for some delicious local cousine...
Škocjan caves are a must to see, if you are staying in Portorož, than Cerknica lake, mt. Snežnik, and Snežnik castle....
the coast itself is interesting aswell. Old little town Piran is just magical with it's narrow streets, market, and Tarttini square.(Tarrtini was a very known composer) will also find quite a few places with strong healing energy, if you were interested in that kind of visits...Debeli rtič, Ankaran, Strunjan are only a few of them....Wish you a nice trip!

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