Hello all! I'll be in Prague for only one day. I've heard lots of good things about the city and I'm certain one day is not enough to...

...relly get to know Prague so I ask you: What sould I see/visit/do to get the most of my day in Prague? Thanks!


City: Praha

Region: Central Bohemia

Country: Czech Republic


i'd say, old town, charles bridge, castle + the royal way. possible within a day. get a good guidebook or check it out online. + drink lots of beer in a czech pub, i recommend u medvidku!
Morning= Paddle Boat ride from Charles Bridge to Prague castle. Bring your camera.
Afternoon Lunch= Old Town Square outdoor restaurants and shopping.
Evening= Wenceslas Square = Original site of the Velvet Revolution= Shopping, grilled sausages, TGIF, Museum & Theater, Beer Gardens= hundreds of tourists.
Night= Restaurant Pub= U Vejvodů
This pub is famous not only for its typical Czech atmosphere in the style of the Old Bohemian alehouse, but also for its "Plzen" beer of excellent quality! Highly recommended!If your not there by 10pm, no seats!
Jilská 4, Prague 1
Well, my friend. Mark here.
The other two guys that have given you answers have provided you with first class recommendations and for sure enough to fully fill your day.
One thing that I can do for you is make your internet search for the pub nice and easy for you, here is a link in English to there web site.
Cheers and have a great day!
Prague castle - Charles bridge - jewish town - Old Town Squere and drink lot of beer..

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