Road Trip to Isaan Anyone did the road trip to Isaan for a week? How much is it for overall budget, including gasoline?


City: Bangkok

Province: Krung Thep

Country: Thailand


Hello. Answer is very subjective. It depends on where you stay, how you travel. I recon you can expect to pay in the region of between 20 to 50 thousand baht. The cheaper is around twenty thousand baht for cheap accomodation etc.
Have fun.
Travel to Issan is a nice trip only about 3% of tourist go east. Yes go to Northern Bus terminal and get a ticket to either Roi Et or MahaSarakham, travel is slow during the day as bus stops often, a night ride is quick with less stops. In MahaSarakham a good place to stay once ya get off bus, take motorbike taxi, for 40 baht to New Patana hotel, cheap 500 baht will get ya a nice room, AC, CNN, and very clean room, for double the price ya can stay at the Taxcilla Hotel 5 star place, food great and people very helpful..I stayed a month in hotel and great service, have a workout gymn, close to shopping and eating center. Lots of University girls around that will talk with you..anymore contact me rotorbreeze at usa dot net..rotor ron..
Isan..depending where you are going in Isan, where you are staying and if you prefer budget hotels or more upmarket hotels. Gasoline..if you are hiring a truck or car..depending on diesel or gasoline. Prices for both are not too high in Thailand and depending on which region you are.
Hi Fang
Depending where you start and all you wanna see around ISAAN, overnight accomodation and food, with own or rented
car, sightseeing, how many guys/gals, etc. etc. etc.
Accomodation can be found under 1000 Baht/night (room).
Gasoline now (today) is more/less 25 Baht/liter . Tomorrow nobody knows ;-)
Enjoy your trip
Hello Fang. Isaan is cheaper than tourist hangouts but prices are now creeping up slowly. Depending what you travel with car mortorbike bus or train you can still get good value for money, if eating local Thai food then the price is right, farang food cost a lot at the farang cafes in comparison, hotels guest houses vary on what you need ,fan aircon, room with toilet ect,overall Isaan is a good place as it also covers a large area, I have lived in Surin for 20 years.
Bus to Udon 500/1000 bht, train 500/1500ish 1st class. Overnight sleepers are very comfortable. Also flights from Bangkok to Udon are currently give away price, I just booked 2 seats one way for under 500bht in october. When in Isaan expect to pay half what you would in more touristy places, and excellent hotel will set you back about 500 bht per night.
You have to think a budget of 25 000 including car rental, gazoline, accomodation, food !
Dear Fang,
Just travel there. Public transportation very cheap. Hotels & Guesthouses also not expensive. Can fit every budget!

Have fun, because I know you will.

As your question is very vague,Roughly 18000 bhat include gas.

have a good trip..
A 10 day private trip including minibus, gas, driver, private local guide, accommodation, breakfast and lunch (no dinner) is about 3,500 to 4,000 Baht per person, per day (minimum 2, maximum 4 people).

This trip goes around Isan, along the Mekong and includes a several nights homestay in a real (no tourists) Isaan village (rice fields, water buffalos ...).

You can chose your own route (within limits) and duration (shorter or longer). Up to you!

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