Hello, two Lithuanian students visiting Berlin in November

we interested in history,food, pubs,beer, want to see true german lifestyle for student price in two days.


City: Berlin

State: Berlin

Country: Germany


Use this website to find a hostel: - cheaper than staying in a hotel. For the night life you will want to stay in Kreuzberg (Oranientraße/Heinrich Platz) - try 36 Rooms. For history buy or borrow from the library some good books. For food try Berliner Stadtkrug a pub on the corner of Manteuffel Straße and Wrangel Straße also in Kreutzberg (no food on Sundays). For sightseeing - go to Alexander Platz (Karl-Liebknecht-Straße) or the bus station at the Zoo and catch bus 100 to the end, then catch bus 200 back again (or the other way around) That way you see most of the sights very cheaply (2.10€ each way). I assume that you are arriving at Schönefeld airport. You will need a ticket for zones ABC valid for two hours. Catch the Airport Express train not the S-bahn, the journey time is much shorter. Use this website to learn about public transport. Good luck and enjoy your stay in Berlin
Hello Artüras.
As you had received a competent answer in first place, be welcomed in Berlin. But, Berlin is big and not only the nightlife area of Kreuzberg is prominent. The -real thing- is meanwhile on the other site of the river Spree. Get it into Friedrichshain district. The No.1of any Club in Berlin is for example there: BERGHAIN. Look at their website, or watch although OR:
About Beer in Berlin. In the inner city, near to the New Synagoge, try AUFSTURZ The cuisine is even pretty good.
At least: 2 days are too less for Berlin.....
greetings from berlin, Gerhard

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