Hi, Does anyone know of any houses for rent next march in Florianopolis, preferably by the beach for about 10 people??


City: Florianopolis

State: Santa Catarina

Country: Brazil


Hi if you look up this real estate agent they have various possibilities with beautiful houses near the beach that will house 10 people , the word Quarto means bedroom,
good luck
Hi, what kind of budget are you looking at and which areas- question goes for both the catering and the house. We have contacts for all of these services as we are based here in Floripa and we are part of an Association that has also many event organisers as members. As for the house we can offer luxury Villas near Praia Mole. Would that interest you? I realise that you are asking many questions regarding your wedding so maybe would be easier if you contact me direct on so we can have an idea of the size of the wedding and your needs.
Yes if you call 773-676-6434 and ask for Samuel he can help you
I am sorry but i am not from this area!
You might have rented a house there, I think, where did you find the house???
You should come to Rio one day.
Most of the find in houses for this size you can IN JURERE

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