Hi I would like to know how much will cost a taxi from Beirut airport to Hamra area ,i will be arriving around 2pm on a friday


City: Beirut

Governorate: Beyrouth

Country: Lebanon


the taxi will cost you around 20-25$ to the maximum...
have fun :)
thank you
ard $ 20
Dear Mr.Manuel
i think the best thing to do is;order one bay phone you will fiend the numbers for taxi company on the boards on your way to exit the air port, or call your hotel your staying in he will be providing you with a transportation to Hamra because taxi at this time are hard to find.
have a nice tripe,
and enjoy your staying in Lebanon if you need any help contact me
best regards Youssef.
hey manuel...!
the going rate for a cab is twenty dollars max for the airport to hamra...! also to make it a bit cheaper you can call either charlie taxi or allo taxi..! they charge a bit less...!
Allo taxi's number is 1213
Charlie taxi's number is 03-329252
It will cost you around $15 but it would be better to reserve it and that's to avoid the hassle there . I can give you and email address where you can book a taxi and have all the informations.
Taxi premiere:
Dear Manuel,

The cost of a taxi from Beirut Airport to Hamra will between $16 and $20 or $20,000LL to $30,000 Do not pay more than this! The driver may ask for more, so make sure you ask the price BEFORE getting into the cab. You can pay in US dollars if you wish as they are accepted all over Lebanon - the exchange rate is 1,500LL = $1

Hope you have a wonderful time in Lebanon,

not more than 20 USD
Hi, it can range from 15 to 30$ to hamra.
25000 l.l. oround 23 $
16 to 20 $ max
thank you all of you for your quick reply
hello first ur welcome in lebanon the taxi cost around 20 to 25 us dollars but their is many not expensive way u can use it bu bus or do u fond a road taxi car not private

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