decent hotel near beijing airport ? arriving first time in china at 8pm after 18 hr flight from Los Angeles do any provide shuttle service


City: Beijing

Municipality: Beijing

Country: China


There are several decent hotels nearby the Beijing International Airport, one of them I suggested is Airprot Garden Hotel awawy from the third terminal building 3km,and just 5 minutes, The quotation for confernce is RMB368.00(includes breakfast)=USD50.00.
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Take care.
Thank you for the quick response!!
have bus and very easy go to bj
i am tour guide,i can help you to book hotel&car,it is cheaper than web price

There are plenty of hotels in Beijing and around the airport ass well, most are both decent and good.
Check very good hotel booking site.

Choice a hotel in the city instead of around the airport. Cheaper and when you wake up you are in Beijing, not at the airport.

There are shuttles to all major hotels, do not worry. The airport is a bit messy but take it easy and do not listen to all people that want to help you there.
You will be all ok.

Have a good trip.
Plenty of hotels around Beijing Airport. There is a Crowne Plaza closeby--Crowne Plaza International Airport Hotel Beijing. They provide free shuttle bus between the Airport and Hotel.
Beijing airport is very close to the city and so my recommendation to you is to drive towards the city (there is one hotel out by the airport I believe, but not great quality) and try one of the many hotels just off the airport expressway. It also depends on your budget of course. You have your typical Accor Hotels (IBIS and NOVOTEL) right off the end of the airport expressway:

And then if your budget is higher, you have The Westin, which is a further 2mins away. Hotel Kunlun right opposite The Westin, The Kempinski, Great Wall Sheraton Hotel...there really are quite a lot in that area. These are all in the higher end budget however.

How long will you be in Beijing? Is it just for 1 night and that's why you want it near the airport? Or because you think you will be very tired and just want to find a bed!?

Hope this is a helpful start for you to begin exploring the possibilities...if you need any more help, just write back!

hey, you can take express train to downtown by 25rmb, about 4USD, only take 20 mins from airport to center. I would suggest you to book a hotel of homeinn, you can check , find one close to dongzhimen or Liangmaqiao, therefore you will be easy to take the train back to airport. or find one hotel around the airport only, plenty of them. FYI.
Thanks for your answer how late does the train run, is it easy to get to from the airport. Inquiring for my college aged son who is arriving 2 days ahead of the rest of the group he will be studying with in tianjin
There has a Capital Airport Hotel just in the middle between Terminal 2 and Terminal 3.
Tel: +8610 6457 7788

Crowne Plaza on Tianzhu Rd at Jing Mi Hiway. Also across the street from the CP is a Best Western.
Hi, the Swiss Hotel is just very near the airport terminal 2, its a very good hotel, good to relax after your long flight.
have bus after 18h00

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