Hi there - as editor of Belfast In Your Pocket city guide, I was wondering if any of you lovely locals had any handy tips on where to...

...find the city's true hidden gems?


City: Belfast

Constituent state: Northern Ireland

Country: United Kingdom


Heidi, where are you from?

which part of Belfast do you now least|?

can I help you??

Hi Anna. I actually live in Belfast and know it very well. But I'm always on the lookout for new and quirky places for our tourists. My guide publishes six times a year (15,000 copies per issue) and is put into all arrival points, hotels and on-board the City Sightseeing buses... Any thoughts or comments, let me know - website here: . Cheers. Heidi PS we also publish Dublin In Your Pocket.
To find the hidden gems of Belfast, it is important to get a guide with local community knowledge and experience in a particular area of Belfast and / or a particular subject. The Northern Ireland Tour Guide Association will provide you with a list of guides who specialize in specific areas of Belfast. Belfast City Walking Tours provide a wide range of tours that will help you discover many hidden gems about Belfast. Community tourism is still developing in Northern Ireland, but it is another excellent way to discover local gems. Tourist offices should be able to advise on who to contact. Unfortunately many community tours operate only during the tourist season. As a Belfast City Guide I would be delighted to point anyone in the right direction in finding the right guide to help discover the hidden gems of Belfast.
Hi - is that Billy Dickson? I think we have met before. I have been publishing Belfast In Your Pocket for four years now and have discovered so much about the city (in which I live) during that time. Just using this site to get debate going about where we all think tourists should be heading eg I took a trip down Cupar Way the other day and found the new Peace Wall artwork rather interesting (scribbles too!).

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