Hi, I am getting married next year in Florianopolis. I am wanting to hire a wedding dress. Does anyone know anybody that rents them...

...and do they have a website?


City: Florianopolis

State: Santa Catarina

Country: Brazil


Hi , here are some adresses that rent clothes for weddings:
Divina Aluguel de Roupas de Festas

Divina Aluguel de Roupas de Festas
Rua Vidal Ramos, 201
Florianópolis - SC, 88010320
(0xx)48 3222-4040‎

Good luck
yes, in Floripa you have a lot of stores thar rent dresses. I found 2 sites: and .
Hi, I know this place.
Detalhes a Rigor – Rua Tenente Silveira, 687
Centro – Florianópolis/SC – (48) 225-6717
Good luck!
Hi "User62602" Congras for yr decision! Yes, there is a entrepreneur hiring Wedding clothes (alguel de vestidos de noivas)It's the Internet site already indicated by another fellow, Detalles a Rigor:
As I surfed in internet its the only one offering on-line. Boa sorte and abraços, Tom
Visit this site.:. This site rent used wedding dresses.
You have many options, it depends of what you want, or if you want to make a dress and be the first to rent that...
if you want a Brazilian designer, from Florianopolis, you should find at
herer you have email, and contacts...

Adress: Rua Júlio Moura, 71 -Centro
City: Florianópolis - SC
Phone: (48) 3024-0038

or Just for renting, you can see at

the contacts are these:
Adress: Avenida Mauro Ramos, 1526- Centro
City: Florianópolis - SC
Phones: (48) 3224-0993

For your best information,
"vestido" means "Dress" En english... :)
The best dresser, in the city is Gesoni, the most beautifull wedding dress, is the dream's lady.

You must be married by then, so I wish you all the best in this world!
I wish you all the best!

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