HI, I would like details of a good hotel in Singapore and what I can do on a Saturday while I am there....I am 34, female, will be...

...traveling alone and not very keen on water sports! Thanks in advance, Kavita


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Hi. seems like you are an indian. it all depends on your budget. Pan pacific is one of the good hotels which is closer happening places in singapore. its in heart of singapore. and another hotel swiss hotel at cityhall. And another best hotel which is closer to shopping and other attractions. If you like indian atmosphere, you can stay new park hotel which is closer to musthafa shopping centre and numorous number of indian restaurants. and other than that, singapore has plenty attractions.
take care
It's quite difficult to be specifics as you have not mentioned your hotel budget and what you are interested in doing.

There are myriads of hotels ranging from S$80 to S$1000 per night (and more, I suspect). A good one would be at least $150 per night and upwards.

As for activities, again, it depends on what you prefer. There's shopping, there're museums, there's walking about. And if you're heading to Singapore now, there's the activities of the Arts Festival. Next month brings about the Great Singapore Sale.

Visit to find out more.

If you'd like to come back to this site with a few more specifics, I'm very sure you'll find lots more responses with more helpful advice.
Ibis is an alright hotel to stay right in the heart of the city. Near to good shopping and night life. Saturday is a nice day to check out Sentosa take in the sights there. Afterwhich, you should pay Clark Quay a visit at night. It comes alive there.

So there you go, a decent hotel with activities on Saturday.
If i were you i would stay at the novotel in Clarke Quay, it is very central and close to all the nightlife. If you want a good day out and want some company, i am a licensed tourist guide, female, 43 and would be happy to show you a good day out contact me on

or, cheaper alternative:
There are lots of options depending on what you are interested in.
If you are staying in the heart of town, you can go shopping, followed bya good massage or spa,there are many in town , some of the better ones are in Takashimaya and I know there is another one near the Chinatown MRT Station in Far East Square where many professionals frequent. There are flea marts in Far East square in the late afternoons as well.

Thereafter, you can pay either Clarke Quay or the Esplanade to try the local food.
Hi Kavita,

Here's a great deal for hotel. Its Quincy Hotel, a new hotel located in the heart of Orchard road. They have just opened and so have a great promotion. Do check out the website:

It includes, 3 meals, Hotel transfers and free mini bar!! This would be one of the best hotel deals that you will ever find for a singapore hotel.

Its located close to all the shopping so its perfect to walk. For activities, depending on what you like, you can go for a nature walk in botanic gardens in the morning, check out Singapore Art Museum for an hour, go shopping in town, then head down to clark quay for a party at night! Singapore is very safe and transportation is very easy. Most attractions are within 20 mins of everything unless you are going to the zoo (which is a great attraction!!)

Hope you enjoy singapore!! :)

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