need some recs for restaurants/shops in/around Seattle and Vancouver


City: Vancouver

Province: British Columbia

Country: Canada


I can try to help you with Vancouver - what are you looking for re restaurants: Ethnic, Seafood, Fine dining?
The same goes for shopping & its a big city so plenty to choose from.
Check "Straight" one of the weekly entertainment magazines from Vancouver. Here is a listing of the 2008 "Golden Plate" winners - best restaurants as picked by critics and by reader reviewers. You can search by cuisine, region of the city, or specialty.


-Jason Kucherawy
I am from Vancouver, and I could give you real hints, depends what kind of food you like.Also regarding shopping there is several big malls, Metrotown mall is after Edmonton mall biggest in Canada. In New Westminster you have outlets of big companies and very good deals on the latest fashion.
Firstly, you'll have Canadian, Mexico, Geek, Italian, French, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Korea, or Japanese food... many many choices in Vancouver. What kind of food do you like? Maybe you can go and get some ideas from and but if you ask me about what is my favorite local restaurant, I’ll recommend you one or two.

As to shopping, I really love it. In Metro Vancouver, there'll be a mall in the heart of each city, and a square in a community. Basically, all the malls in Vancouver are very similar. There are department stores like the Bay, Sears and/or Zeller, supermarkets such as Londondrugs/shoppers, lots brands stores, HMV, food court...
Vancouver city- pacific centre
In addition, on of the best hunting places is-
Queensborough outlets centre (in New Westminster)
Take skytrain to 22nd street station and then transfer bus#104, (over the bridge, so it’s only one stop) to get off on Ewen and Lawrence, then walk westward to Howes Street, then northward, cross Highway 91A to Boyd St, and then turn right, you’ll find there.
You can also go around Aberdeen Centre (in Richmond). There are many Asian stuff.

Have fun!

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