Whats best with hotel, 4x4 rental & sights around Sydney & in Tasmania?

Hi Cassandra, the charming Localyte there ;) If U R still around and available (unless U R yrself on holiday elsewhere), please advise with tips on finalizing prior arrangements prior to flying across. My E-visa was granted, awesome for sure at this quick Aussie service!!! Or anyone that is able to chip in on what and how best I can accomplish with a fly-drive with reasonable lodgings along the route I plan to chart out from Sydney itself, across or around that vast region and head towards Canberra and back before hopping over to Hobart and drive around with a 4x4 for abt 7 days before returning to Sydney again. I have 12 days to spare for Australia.


City: Sydney

State: New South Wales

Country: Australia


Hey Gun,

Sounds like a fantastic itinerary! I am certainly happy to help put something together for you, and can source a wide range of accommodation and vehicle options for you, as well as being a booking agent for the Tasmania ferry (from Melbourne to Devonport - usually an overnight trip each way).

Before putting a quote together for you, I just have a couple of questions so that I can get an idea of what you are doing and how best to put a great itinerary together for you...

1. In terms of vehicle, are you specifically after a 4x4, or were you looking at something like a camper or a car + accommodation option? The reason I ask is that most of the roads you will travel are easily accessible by car, and a 4x4 probably will be unneccesary unless you really want to get off the beaten track..

2. Do you have a rough idea of what you want to see on the way down from Sydney? I could suggest one way via Hume Highway (inland via Canberra), and the other way coming back via the Coastal Route (up through NSW South Coast) or vice versa. However, depending on what you are wanting to see and do, 12 days could easily end up being quite a detailed, hectic vacation. I would suggest that 7 days in Tasmania would probably be a bare minimum for a reasonable itinerary.

If you could let me know your thoughts - you can private message me, and we can discuss some of the finer points and put together a fantastic itinerary together for you. September is a great time of year - spring is in the air, and the weather generally is excellent.

Thanks for the query, I look foward to hearing from you!

Kind regards,

Matt Halloran
Personal Travel Manager
Gdday Matt and much appreciated with yr prompt observation as response to my coming desire to spend our honeymoon ... "Down Under"! ;)

Here's my email and we'll pick up from there. Leave me a landline # as well as I prefer talking than typing, we cover more grounds this way than my loath for the keyboard that accumulates errors eventually.

Take careful note of the call that shows my country code starting with +31....... for it'll be me calling.

Cheersch to you as I head for the hammock here, eyes are heavy at this hour. - Gun.{}
Hi Gun

I can recommend the Shangrila Hotel in Sydney. I actually live in Sydney but had some friends from Austria stay there and they totally loved it. Their room looked right out across the harbour to the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. It is quite central to public transport and the major attractions as well.

As for Canberra it is not the most exciting city in Australia. If you are interested in seeing museums, the National Art Gallery, and Parliment House, then you could spend 2 or 3 days there. It is only about 3 hours by car and the drive down, in my opinion is pretty unexciting.

Tasmania is quite good for it's natural beauty. I did a triathlon down there a few years back and had some time after the race to have a look around. A trip to Cradle Mountain is definitely a must and if you have the time a rafting trip on the Franklin river. Flights from Sydney to Tasmania are relativ ely cheap and easy to book online. Just go to either Virgin Blue, Jetstar, or Tiger websites. The same goes for car hire I hired a car when I was down there and did it all online. But I would recommend booking this early as they can run out of cars for hire. I used Hertz for car hire.

If you want any help when you are in Sydney just let me know. I would be happy to show you around at no cost.
Hiya Mark & thanks for yr hospice to guide within Sydney. I shall certainly look forward to the acquiantance 1st & foremost (great to meet & booze over a Guinness) and with the 2 days drive around, it would be excellent to be shown & recommended on the chosen highlights within your city.

Please catch up if you will, with my mail addy @ Gmail instead. I can do the calling... NAP mate. ;)

My email>>:

I have as of yesterday, reserved the 4x4 and AWD cars both for Sydney surroundings and that of Tasmania respectively. I just came back from the travel office for more info. It can be a headache on this but timely research, proper coordinating and sound arrangements made will lead to a satisfactory and hopefully too, an enjoyable trip we wish to have on this tour of Australia.

Am now waiting for that special bluray disk I ordered from the USA to arrive for it will need another 2 weeks to arrive....

For others who are following this thread, please feel welcome to air your views, tips and/or recommendations from yr experience. I'm a Localyte guide myself for my area and would be glad to assist if and when you wish to visit "Orange country" where our Queen, Her Majesty "Beatrix" is conveniently residing some 4,5 km away from my Dutch appartment.

Check it out>>:

Cheersch to all as we say it here in Holland :)
hiya Gun . .

Sorry for the delay in my reply I've not been well these past few days - I'll back up Matt in his comments as he is more the travel expert there - I really am the only the sort of person that can do LOCAL trips in and around Victoria region that are non touristy .. . Matt would be the expert there for that there is in touristy things
- I am better at running around and showing people that are in general not the tourist plans or trips and or settling people in my state and showing them How to get around and understanding the transport system and showing them where and how to get a bargain and or a deal in setting up home for a short period of time for studying and or working purposes - that is really my expertise - if you want me to show you some out of the way places that I can try and do I am more than happy to help you there but would strongly recommend you take up Matt's advice in his travel itenary that he has prepared for you

any help I can give you to back Matt up please just e-mail me at and we'll see what we can work out for you . .

kind and sincere regards and hope that you truly enjoy your trip down under.

Hullo Cassandra, I've been away being the weekend here.

TQ for letting me know how you offer your expertise by your immediate location. It is greatly appreciated.

I'm still giving a listening ear to my wife's desires on places and things she wants to visit & see while I still scramble yet another row of alternate options that are manageable between Sydney to Melbourne and across to Hobart for the rest of Tasmania too. We are including New Zealand as well, so I'm juggling with the days into weeks. We'll see just how it becomes for the time being while reading up lots on what we gathered about the region. I'll let you know and once again, great to hear from you and stay in touch as I will for sure for my part. ;)

This is for Matt. :)

I will let you know soon too. I have already made reservations for the Rental on cars.
My next concern is now similar with New Zealand.

Will look up for tips from our Kiwi peer(s) specialized in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Will need to know which is a good carrier flying from Sydney to Auckland.
hillton is a very good hotal for sydney located on darling harbour gud views an bridge views
hiya Gun

sosorry for the delay in replaying the site doesn't really send back an alert when you recieve a reply . . so one has to hunt around for it . . .

needless to say here is my e-mail address if I can assist you and your wife in any part -please let me know - I'm starting TAFE school next week in Events management for the next 6 months but can always make time where possible

e-mail is

kind regards

Thats alright Cass. Perhaps I started just too early and thinking, in real travelling plans that should be done wayyy ahead, I guess, there are alot out there in Localyte that are unaware of how to spot a serious traveller coming their way to pick up the tell-tale signs for a good guide given.

It happens too in my country... most are simply far off the mark about offering a serious opportunity. Enthusiasm being undermined by ignorance and serious lack of interaction and creative offers with serious dialog...with response(s).

Anyway, I am greatly pleased at the response and continuity with the Kiwis... they sure know how to stick it through to get and give a serious service which in turn reflect their pride of their country.

In my country, its the opposite as far as we can see/read the inquiries generated from would-be visitors. We show our best with the services and hospitality made available but the visitors shy away instead, just posting a question or two, some completely far from intelligent and some oddly enough, wasting their own time as well, their q'ns are in itself ample giveaways as jokers on skateboards... tells you their age immediately..

This delay with Localyte is somewhat disturbing too for my observation 2B honest. The CEO of Localyte isn't running a serious job I'm afraid and this service is slowly slacking and becoming a joke with some top Localyte names spamming across unhindered and not getting the boot or be terminated... thats a bad indication naturally.

I'll be heading for NZ for the entire 3,5 weeks there, wishes of my wife this time over Australia. We'll certainly return, after the H1N1 flu fear is completely taken care off from Sydney Airport and other parts of shipping ports too.

I have yr email noted. I'll keep in touch for sure... :) ATB with your new outlook & expansion.- Gun.
Hi Gunn,

My apologies for not following this thread and corresponding earlier! I guess I have been a bit naive in thinking that localyte automatically kept me in the loop and informed me when someone replies to the thread.

For some reason, I have been ticking the right boxes, but have not been receiving any notifications, so my humblest apologies... I am learning myself that localyte is maybe not as reliably functional as I first thought!

Anyhow, it sounds like you are slowly pulling things together, but if you still need some assistance and advice, you can email me at , and I am more than happy to pick up and assist where I can with your itinerary.

Once again, my apologies!

Kind regards,

Matt Halloran
Personal Travel Manager
Hi Matt,

I will be calling you pretty soon. Plans change resulting from flight circumstances as well. After checking out of Sydney Airport & crossing over Marsh Street, I will be looking for a hotel that is not too distant away like 3-5 kms max. to check-in. This is around 13:00. I have then, as of 15:30 or thereabouts, time for another 6 hours to see and look around including dine somewhere downtown B4 heading back to hotel for a good rest as we are catching flight out to NZ the next morning skipping b/fast unfortunately.
What can you suggest or provide for yr guided tour and what will you charge, starting from picking us up and dropping us back at the hotel?

Hence, it is imperative to be close to the airport without fear of rushing, less sleep and getting caught in a traffic jam towards the airport. I will be scouting for a suitable hotel in this case, nothing fancy but a good 3/4 star at least with taxi service readily available at the front entrance.

Let me know which you may suggest unless I found one B4 that... thanks Matt :).
Hiya Gun

Just touchiung base with you as well - as you can See Both Matt and I are not getting alerts to the site unless we both go hunting for it - so I apologise for not replying back to you. and I hope that Matt has been able to successfully answer your questions

best regards

Hi Cassandra, yes indeed it is a current drawback on this system even though I am aware that the CEO of Localyte is spending more time on straightening and improving the services within the Localyte setup, its not truly addressing the dialog and/or communication between or among Localytes like U & me and esp between genuine queries from others who are or have yet to be inspired by this service, as a 1st-timer tourist seeking assistance.

Matt did get back but I lost him too as he did not respond to my last reply... I think he's busy as he should with his own frontline business. NAP...;)

I'm preparing and abt to leave soon for Asia and will hit your BIG island in due course... and we have decided to spend a much longer tenue in NZ on this trip, a wish granted to my wife this time instead... she's been to Australia and spent almost 7 years along the Gold Coast and Victoria side incl. the main parts across in Tasmania. I haven't but will the next time we'll holiday much longer for sure after we relocate partially to Thailand once our Villa is completed, its under construction as we exchange here... :)

Thanks for getting back and stay in touch Cassie!
hiya again

I'll provide you with my personal E-mail until maybe the site can be fixed - Not sure if Matt has provided you with the same but I'm sure it comes down to the alert system on here that should be fixed

and I check that account several times through the day - so perhaps that may be easier this time around ?

look forward to seeing you soon and enjoying our beautiful country

Best wishes

Excellent Cassie!!! Yr addy is noted and follow-up will resume from there... Keep an eye out for the "Gun".... ;)

Sincerely and here's mine to note on>>: ,
Will do Gunn - take care and best wishes


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