Dubai sightseeing -whom should I contact?

I'll be visiting Dubai this year and want to know whom to contact for conducted tours. Any website that arranges tours?


City: Dubai

Emerate: Dubayy

Country: United Arab Emirates


simply go the web site and all your queries will be entertained. cheers.

There are plenty of sites to view and the last posting is very usefull. For the essential tour of Dubai though modern and a bit of culture and history the Big Red Bus Company is a good start and you will enjoy for sure!
welcome to dubai,
you can contact your hotel reception to assist you on your tours, plenty of tour agency are ready to serve you, if you go for shopping, malls has the tourist information which you can have the leaflets and you can choose which tour you want...
= can organize a variety of cruises and excursions to suit your needs. ...
hope you enjoy it...
Contact Big Bus which caters to city tours or book at Arabian Adventures.

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