How long does is take to process a work visa for Saudi Arabia?

An employer from Saudia just hired me and will be processing my working visa. It's been almost two months now and I still haven't got it. Does it usually take this long?


Country: Saudi Arabia


Hi francis

It is according to the sponsor. some will get early some will get late.
actually it depends on the following
do u have the signed contract!?
profession, employer size and availability of visa
country of origin (in your case)
it is quite complicated, but it can take up to 2-3 months
more details , direct your question
You can never really say. It should take no long than two months. But it depends on the sponsor and how quick and good they are at dealing with such stuff. Sometimes issues could arise. Such as your nationality, marital status, job description etc. Just check on it frequently as a reminder.
:) interesting question, it took me 9 months to get it :)
it all depends on the employer and how well connected he is.
a well connected employer can get it in 10 days. but if he goes through the normal channels and follow it by the book t will minimally take 2 - months. if there were some issues like the availability of the visa and he is not willing to pay 10K SAR to get, then yes it will take longer until he gets the approval for a new visa......
I hope that helped
Hey, guys.. Just wanted to know, if there's a way that i can tract or follow-up my working visa bound to Saudi in Alkhobar? Appreciate your help on this!! Thanks.. :-)

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