I am going to visit Turkey with two kids.what town can I choose and what hotel resort for our rest?


Country: Turkey


One of the best holiday regions of Turkey is Antalya with its perfect hotels by the Mediteranean sea cost line, 6 months in a year possibility for swimming, cold rivers falling in the sea, canyons, legendary mountains, lakes, caves, with a lot of traces of human live, starting from 2 million years up-to-date, with the traces of more than 40 grate civilizations-ruins of more than 3000 anciant cities...Modern Antalya region with its perfect accomodations, intertainments for adults and children attract more than 7 million tourists annual...I am sure you will find it grate to be in Antalya...I am ready to arrange you the perfect programme of vacation...For more info see my web site
İn case you choise my assist, I shall wait you in the airport and for 2 hours I will present you 10 hotels to choise one...Jdu otveta...

i definetelly recommend you to visit Istanbul.As a person who have been lots of capitals before,i can say istanbul does really worth to be visited. About the hotels, there are really nice and cute hotels with reasonable prices.
Have fun..
You know Kemer is popular for Russians. You should choose any hotel in Kemer-Antalya area. There are alot of good hotels and holiday village with suitable prices. If you have any special questions for Kemer area write me:
if you want not a classic holiday.i think bozacada or assos is the best .its amazing and original
if you want more information mail me
kusadasi AQUAPARK ADALAND is the best possibility for a family with childs.

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