Jungle tours near Rio area

I want to see the jungle, but also want to visit Rio , so is there any tour companys near/in rio that have jungle tours?


City: Rio de Janeiro

State: Rio de Janeiro

Country: Brazil


There are several companies in Rio, but I also can take you by car to see the jungles in Rio If you wish. Just get in touch with me at my email .
yes there is a company, that works in Rio , Ilha Grande and Paraty the best places do hikes in Brazil, have a look.
Hei! We do not have a jungle in Rio, but you can make a jeep tour in Tijuca National Park. The biggiest and mightiest Urban Park in the world. Try to check their internetpage that is:
Hi , no real Jungles such as in Amazonia but there are some beutiful tropical forests where you can go for long walks out of Rio de Janeiro such as in the Regiao Serrana which includes Petropolis and Araras, or otherwise go to Ilha Grande by schooner from Angara dos Reis and there you can cross the forest and vist lovely places such as waterfalls in the middle of the forest.
Have a good journey
We do not have jungle in Rio, but we do have a mighty forest called Mata Atlântica that deserves to be visited. Either in the city of Rio or on the outskirts as Ilha Grande or Paraty, one can experience the exuberance of the tropical forest and its wonderful scenary.
George B.,

Rio de Janeiro is in the southeastern part of Brazil and the Amazon rainforest (only forest in the country that can be called a jungle) is on the Northern part of the country. They're approximately 4300km by car (aprox. 2800km by plane) away from one another, so there's no proper jungle tour near Rio.

Despite of that, you can always visit the "Floresta da Tijuca" a small reserve of what is left of the "Mata Atlântica" (a diferent kind of tropical forest) in Rio.

"Part of the Tijuca National Park, Tijuca is one of the world's largest urban forests. By the mid-19th century, Tijuca Forest was practically deforested, first for lumber, then for coffee plantations. In 1861, the government recognized that deforestation was hurting local rainfall, leading to a shortage of potable water. The forest is now one of the city's most important protected areas. If you're lucky, you'll see monkeys and a variety of butterflies. Beautiful spots include the Cascatinha (a lovely waterfall), the Mayrink Chapel, the Lago da Fada (Fairy Lake), the Acude da Solidao (Solitude Dam) and several caves. We recommend you take a Jeep tour, which can be arranged through most hotels. If you're determined to go on foot without a guide, the best place to start is Cascatinha, which is close to the main park entrance. Just remember that many people get lost in the forest, so stay on the marked trails at all times. Daily 8 am-7 pm. Admission is free. The main entrance is at Praca Alfonso Vizeu, Alto da Boa Vista, Rio de Janeiro. Phone 21-2492-2253. ." (source:)
As others have already pointed out there is no jungle per se in Rio. If you want the real thing fly to Manaus or Santarem or Belem and check out the pousadas in for great affordable places to stay, all of which offer trips into the jungle, or can arrange them. Jungle lodges also do this but they will cost you an arm and a leg!
there is a conpany call jeep tour how made some trous arround tijuca rain forest. and you can book this tour with me by
Honestly I don't think it's a good idea right now for you to take this kind of trip. Either do the jungle one or the Rio one. However I would go for something less famous. Raining season in the jungle is just sweeping the region.
Hi. There is no longer any real jungle worth mentioning near Rio de Janeiro, but there are some places nearby, Ilha Grande, Paraty, were y could get an impression. If y want to see the real jungle then only in the north, Manaus, Santarem, Belem f.e.which means you have to take the plane to go there. An option would be traveling to Foz do Iguaçu, the famous waterfalls or the Pantanal,also by plane. You should spend at least three weeks in the country to acclimate and to enjoy. Greating Thomas
I think you are misguided, we doesn't have jungles in Rio, but we do have a forest, the biggest urban one in the world, Tijuca Forest. It is easy to go there, you just have to ask in the hotel you'll be staying and they wil give you the directions.
Of course there planty of them!
Hi George, I'm Lilian from Foz do Iguaçu, if you want to come to Iguassu, you can visit the Iguassu National Park, where we have 185.000 hectars of Subtropical Rain Forest,and one of the Biggest Waterfalls in the World, you can spend 2 nights here...The flight from Rio to here is just 2 hours...
If you have interest contact me:
Do you wanna see "jungle" and beach, I have a suggestion, Angra dos Reis... It's a good place.
seach in the google maps.. Amazing!!
what's that you mean when you say jungle??
a hug!
Just try this site.: It will be very useful for you.
Good Luck and enjoy your trip!
so, really I'am living in iguaçu, them I don't have so many information about jungle tour.but samebody of corse is givin this information es you want.
hello mate, i'm a biologist and have been to most of the main environment/outdoor/hotspots/jungle/whatever-you-can-call-it destinations in brazil. We do have jungle near rio. Beautiful jungle places. Almost as impressive as the amazon. It is the atlantic rain forest known as Mata Atlantica in portuguese. This is the environment with one of the greatest biodiversity in the world. Go either to the historical city of Parati, Itatiaia National park or Ilha Grande. These are the best ones i know of, especially the national park i just metioned. It's some 3 hours from rio. Absolutely lovely.
A great place for hiking would be Cachoeira de Macacu!
There are plenty: But my suggestions would be
1.} . Talk with Napoles, and tell him I sent you.
2.} . Talk with André, and tell him I sent you.
Both will give you insider hints, that others can only promise ...
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