What food do they eat in Guatemala?

I will be going to Guatemala soon and I was thinking about food that they eat. I like food in Costa Rica even if it


Country: Guatemala


food in costa rica is similar to the one in Guatemala, if you want traditional Guatemalan food you should go to Antigua Guatemala to the Cuevita de los Urquizu restaurant, its in front of capuchinas ruins, not to expensive and delicious
Like almost countries in the world, Guatemala has its unique taste in food. We have too many lovely food you can eat but if you are interested in going to Xela (Quetzaltenango)I recommend you to go to the Central Park, there you can find many reataurants which specialize in this kind of food. Good luck and enjoy your trip!!!
traditional foods in Guatemala

Guatemala: Atole de elote, tamalitos de chipilín, chuchitos, tostadas

Antigua Guatemala: Revolcado, pepián, pilotada

Chimaltenango: Chilaquilas de güisquil, suban-ik

Quetzaltenango: Paches, caldo de frutas, tamales de arroz

Izabal: Pan de camote y de coco, tapado

Alta Verapaz: Saquic, Kackik

Baja Verapaz: Frijoles blancos, arroz con apio

El progreso: Flor de izote, estofado de gallina

Chiquimula: Empanadas de loroco, yuca con chicharrón

Jutiapa: Gallo en chica, marquesote

Jalapa: Pulique, quesadilla

Zacapa: Caldo de mariscos

San Marcos: Mole de plátano, mole de pavo

Comidas Típicas de Guatemala en Ocasiones Especiales
Semana Santa: Bacalao, dulce de ayote, torrejas

Día de Todos los Santos: Fiambre

Navidad: Tamales

Posadas: Ponche

Ferias: Tostadas, atole de elote, molletes

Sábados: Tamales

Jueves: Paches

Otras Comidas Típicas

Los chuchitos

Los buñuelos

El pepián

Las hilachas

Las enchiladas

El fresco de súchiles

El Kak-ik (Cobán)

El subanik

El revolcado

Tamalitos de cambray

Los dulces típicos como:

Canillitas de leche

Camotes en miel



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In Guatemala you can find a variety of food with unique flavor.
Come and enjoy!
Bon voyage
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most tipical food is about meat any kind of it chiken, pork, and cattle, in liquid combinations and varity of colurs, ask in antigua in any restaurant in guatemala city there are few restaurants, but nice too, escudilla del te4coloto is one of them. good luck
Guatemala has many food, at different prices and a huge variety. If you want a clasification I wold tell you cultural food, city food, spanish food, indigenous food and feast food.
At the capital you can find every monday Cocido in most of popular restaurants named "comedores". In bars you could find "caldo de mariscos" very cheap and tasty.
Los "tamales" and "paches" (indegenous food) are selled in many cities from thursday night to saturday.
At November 1 you could find "fiambre" everywhere and this food is part of the "death day".
Anyway, you will love food at Guatemala and friendliness, you can try anything before you eat and do not be scared to accept invitations, sometimes people just like to do it.
I work with a girl that lives at L.A. She is a chef and we are working an investigation about Guatemalan regional food, "Militza de leon" . She will be pleased to inform you.

Rodolfo Morales
In most places you will be served corn tortillas with your meal, and black beans that can be eaten in puree or whole, often with cream or hot chili sauce. Common typical food includes chicken or pork in a spicy sauce called Pepian or Jocom, found nearly everywhere. If you come to our coffee farm, you can get more exotic stuff like cooked white flowers known as flor de izote, dark green salads made with hierba mora, and of course our famous sun-dried bananas.
I'll be short, since all previous blogs are correct. If you go to the north of Guatemala try kak'ik (turkey soup), if you go west try Xecas (special bred) with hot chocolate, if you go south don't miss dry cheese with tortillas, Eastern most try Tortillas with Chicharron (pig skin). There. Regards, Luis Aguilar. Turix Activo.
Guatemala mmmmmm ... Guatemala Chapina their food has a variety of dishes with a unique flavor ...
Come and enjoy ...

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