best transport by price to get from Salo city to Valencia

hi! what is the best transport by price to get from Salo city to Valencia and to other cities too?


Country: Spain


I strongly recommend you to rent a car. At this moment it is not son expensive.
I would recommend the train. Check out . I think there is a high-speed train that stops there on the way to Valencia. If not, Tarragona, which is near-by. I dont favor the car at all in Spain. Roads are good, driving is ok but the train time allows you to plan your next move. Spain has recently opened a few new lines (high-speed)from Madrid to Barcelon, Malaga etc. Spain's public transport is the best I've ever seen and I've seen some... It's not always cheap but there are always different options. Plus, although renting is not expensive, parking is. And rentals are frequently broken into as they have tell-tale markings. When in train stations, KEEP BOTH EYES ON YOUR BAGS and nothing in on your back or in your back-pockets. They are full of thieves, few of them Spanish I hasten to add. The poor with few other options...You'll enjoy the trains in Spain!!
In , the bit you want is on the left at the top. The city is Salou, not Salo. Ida means one way, ida y vuelta, return...
If you need the cheapest choice, bus is always cheaper than anything else, although it is less comfortable and takes longer to get to your destination.

You'll find lots of info on Salou here:

HIFE is the bus line that connects Salou with Valencia. Their website is and their phone number is 902 119 814.

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