I want to go shopping in bangkok!! :-)

aside from the usual clothes and bags, what else in bangkok can I buy for cheap? What are the best shopping spots? Can you also give me tips? Thanks!!!!


City: Bangkok Metropolis

Province: Krung Thep

Country: Thailand


Shopping in Bangkok... Plenty of options:

Khao San Road () - you can get anything you want here...

Chattuchak Market () - everything

Clothes and Phone - MBK ()

Clothes and gifts - Suan Night Bizzar ()

Panthip Plaza and Fortune Town - computer stuff

And of course Patpong Night Market on Silom Road!

You can't miss in Bangkok!

Some advice:

1. Don't go to night market, its only cheap tourist material.
2. Go to Chatuchack market during week-end. It's huge and funny. Watch your walet and telephone for thief.
3. Go to MBK shopping center for telephone equipment, CD and DVD. You will never see so many in your life. Compare prices between shops and ask for "best price" before to buy.
4. Go to Phanti Plaza for computer equipment and software. Same advice as for MBK.
5. If you have lots of money, go to Oriental Place (close to Oriental hotel) and Charoen Khrung for antiques. If you don't have money, no need to buy, it's better than a museum and dealers are happy to talk to you.
6. There is a lot of good quality, very cheap silver jewelry on Charoen Khrung, between Soi Si Praya and Soi 40. Silver is a great buy.
first of all, you can't miss chatuchak market. it's a weekend market, and you will see many cheap great things with a reasonable price.

secondly, don't miss pratunam center. this place is full of clothes and accessories. just take your time to shop around this place, coz there're many bulidings.

and if you wanna buy antiques you can go to ratchada night market.

i hope you enjoy your staying in bangkok :)
In my opinion Jatujak Market and MBK are the best options. You can get pretty much anything you want at these places. Be prepared for Jatujak though as it is VERY hot and VERY busy. DO be careful of pick-pockets and try to pick up a map, it is the biggest outdoor market in the world! To get there just take the BTS to Mo Chit station and you cannot miss it.

MBK has everything you need, both originals and copies. 6 floors of shops and market style stalls it also has a fabulous food hall and cinema. You can seriously spend all day there. TO get there, take BTS to National Stadium and this will take you almost right inside.

I would definitely stay away from Patpon Night Market, especially right now as there has been trouble between traders and officials who are attempting to stop them selling fake goods.

Lumpini Night Market is a nice place and has lots of food stalls and live music. Good fun for night shopping but it is mostly tourist goods. Take the MRT to Lumpini station.

Ratchada Night market is very nice also for antiques and collectables, but can also get very busy.

Koh San Road market is good fun and there is a lot to buy. I recommend going there around 6pm when almost all the stalls are set up but it can get very busy in the evenings as it is a major tourist area.

You will not be stuck for shopping options in Bangkok, in my opinion the best shopping in the world. And don't forget, if you want to shop in some really lovely stores go to ZEN or Central World on Sukhumvit Road.

NEVER take the first price as standard in the markets and MBK. Alwasy ask for a discount and do shop around. Don't be afraid to say 'No thank you' as you will almost definitely see the same item somewhere else. Don't be fooled by the Tuk Tuk drivers, special shopping packages as you will almost certaily end up getting seriously ripped off!

Enjoy yourself and have a great time.
....As well as all of the above I would suggest perhaps trying china town fr smething comepletely diffrent. They sell a lot of gems and jewelery there plus its just fun looking at the shops selling all sorts of teas, herbs and spices. have a great trip.
Goto Chatuchak market, there are many, many things you can buy.
For electronics- goto Pantip.
For bags/luggage- goto MBK or Khao San Road.
Hi John Hughes hit the nail on the head, many options.
For me I'd recommend MBK as a first stop.
Happy shopping.

1. You can buy anything in BKK: Gold, Jewelry, Gifts, Decos,
(Thai) silk, etc. etc. etc. according to your wishes & needs. But then .....

2. .... do buy what you can afford. I'm always "suspicious"
about "cheap". You got almost all "stuff" cheaper here than
elsewhere, same quality compared.

3. Happy Shopping
Chatuchuk weekend market is a good place to start, Pratumnam for clothes, bobay market wolesale clothes, Sampeng market (china town) gifts, clothes everthing, Phantip Plaza for computer things and the list goes on...
Shopping in Bangkok is easy. IT , computer equip, Pantip plaza. Clothes Pratunam same area, Phetchburi road, week end market. Chatachek park Phyolathin road, World trade centre, MBK centre, Siam centre and many others.
My favorite places are...

1. Platinum Mall (Pratunam)
2. Kawsand Rd.
3. Siam Sq.
4. Fortune (IT stuffs)
5. MBK Mall

Mostly for girly shopping, except No.4...
Just head straight to MBK and if your here during weekends don't mis Chatchuchak weekend market

Aside from the usual clothes and bags, what else in bangkok can I buy for cheap?

If you are a tourist apart from cloths and bag nothing is cheap here for buy.

What are the best shopping spots?
Indra tower + MBK could be enough.

Good trip.
you can have me, i'm cheap enough ;-)

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