We have planned a vacation in Cancun in May. Is it safe to swim there? I've heard some there's poisonous jellyfish in some areas.


City: Cancun

State: Quintana Roo

Country: Mexico


It is safe to swim, however there are jellyfish in the oceans here around that time. You do not need to fear these little guys, you actually can't even see them to be honest. They are not poisonous, but if they do tap you, you will get an itchy bump similar to that of a mosquito bite. Before living here I would come and stay in May (timeshare) and ALWAYS go in the ocean. I never let them discourage me. Sometimes I would get them and other times I wouldn't. The bumps will only appear on areas where your swimsuit is. What happens is while the jellyfish are drifting, they actually get tangled in the fabric of the swimsuits. Tangled might not be the right word because these things are SO tiny. Don't be paranoid about them, you will be fine. You just must run the risk of some mosquito bite type bumps. Like I said, I have gotten them before and you don't even realize it. You won't get sick, you won't swell up, you just might have a couple itchy spots. :) I wouldn't let it ruin your fun of playing in the waves :)
hi,its perfectly safe in cancun to swim in the beaches,you will find a jelly here or there,but no worries,all is good.wish you a nice trip
hey, I´m just back from Playa (just next to Cancun), three days of swimming fun, and no jelly itches at all!!
don't worry about the jellyfish, there are very few of them and their sting is not painful, try not to swim a lot on the lagoon and swim more on the ocean and you will be ok
This is not a problem here. Very rare and made a problem by the media. The little bites are few and far between and not any worse than an ant bite. Come on down and have a great time.
thanks God we don't have a poisonuos kind of jellyfish, am not gonna lie to you, we have this time of the year, but is safe to swin in the ocean, and the good thing about them is that you can see them, so you can avoid the areas where they are...
now, if this can make you feel more comfortable about the jellyfish, after you get bite, you can use vinager and the sting will go away just like that...
hope you don't skip your hollidays here, now you would be more able to enjoy the place, since there are not to many people around..
have fun on your hollidays :)
Yes it is safe to swim there.
1) If you see people swimming then you can swim
2) If you see an animal, protect it, don't capture it, don't kill it.
Well my friend unlike the Pasific Ocean, the Caribiean is quite a lot safer, you see, to beguin with the beaches are a little more shallow, and the jellyfishes are quite rare to see over there.

So in my advice, stop worring about a jellyfish and live a life!!!
As the others have said there aren't any poisonous jellyfish in the areas. However, there are sealice. These are not poisonous and are practically invisible. They can get caught in your bathing suit and sting in the most sensitive parts. Usually the lifeguards can tell you if there are clumps of sealice at any given moment. You should always rinse your bathing suit out after every dip in the sea - in fresh water.
There is a product available called Sea Safe or Safe Sea, can't remember which. You would need to google it and see if you can purchase it online before your trip.
It is perfectly safe to swim there, the beaches are very beautiful and very extense, there`s plenty of scuba at the reef. You will have a great time.
may is beutiful hot ,hardly no rain and the jellyfish we may have it aroun march o april !!!!
Dont worry about any of the sealife while in Cancun. You will find that most people speak some degree of english. Dont be afraid to ask locals for suggestions on good places to swim. My wife and I have never had a problem, and we do alot of snorkeling. =)

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