Is metropolitan YMCA and YMCAIH different from each other? or are they one and the same hotel?


City: Singapore

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Country: Singapore


There is only 1 YMCA here in Singapore which located quite central in the city.

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Yes, they are located at the same premises. YMCAIH stands for YMCA International Hotel and they are located in the same building as the YMCA.
No they aren't.

The Metropolitan YMCA is along Stevens Road (near the junction with Dunearn Road/Bukit Timah Road). It is quite close to the city but not in it. It is in a quiet residential area though public transport links aren't as good.

The YMCA International House is on the end of Orchard Road and is close to a train station and many buses serve the road. It is within the shopping belt of Singapore.

You can locate their locations on

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