Travelling by cargo ship from perth, australia to capetown, south africa.

Has anyone here done this? If so, please let me know how you went about booking for this trip? Who was your boking agent?


City: Cape Town

Province: Western Cape

Country: South Africa


hi Joseph
it is wuite a unique request i have had as a travel agent. but i have checked for you and managed to get the dtls of a shipping company dealing wt specific Cargo cruises around the world
i hope they are your answer to this request
pls see link below and submit a request
good luk
bruce fm SA
I agree with Bruce Moodley about the uniqueness of your request, is this your only alternative, because from my investigations on your behalf, it is not as pleasant as normal cruises should be, different, but its up to the individiual i expect and your suitability and preference

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