Dear all!!! Could you advice the best wedding agency in Venice? Is August good month for marriage in Venice? What is avarage price for... Do you know somebody who had marriage in Venice?


City: Venice

Region: Veneto

Country: Italy


You may contact : .
Hi! There is a place only 60 miles from Venice called Crveni Otok (Red Island) near Rovinj Croatia and it is the most romantic place on the world... I know a wedding agency in Rovinj and if you need help, contact me...
Check out - they are a local company based near to St Marks Square, half British half Italian owned, with many years of experience organising weddings.
I know a very professional agency for events and weddings. I talked to the owner last week and I am forwarding you her e-mail. I know she works a lot with foreigners, especially Americans. You can write to Ludovica at . Good luck, Alessandra
I know a very professional agency that arranges weddings and events in Venice too, mainly for foreigners. Contact is: . Congratulations!
August is not a good time though too hot!!!
and we are settin gup the site for Venice as well but we already cover it!!!

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