Are there any Historical Monuments in Barcelona? If there, how accessible are they?


Country: Spain



There are many historical monuments in Barcelona.
See below websites for more information and location details.
Some very well known are from architect Antoni Gaudi who was one of the most modernist style architects worldwide. Many of his most works are to be found in Barcelona.

Most of these are easy access with public transport or tours from most of the hotels in the area.

Hope you enjoy them as much as we do.


Barcelona has historical monuments almost every two steps!

It is a 2000 year old city, so there is A LOT to see here. The best of the Old Town includes the gothic cathedral and surroundings (Gothic Quarter), the Jewish Quarter, La Rambla with the Boqueria Market and the Born area.

As for Gaudí, the most emblematic works of the architect who changed Barcelona are House Batlló and House Milà (so called Pedrera), Park Güell and Sagrada Família Church.

What do you exactly mean by "accessible"? Most places can be easily accessed by public transportation, but I reccomend taxi to get to the Park Güell unless you are ready for a 20-30 minute walk uphill from the subway station.

If you mean if their prices are accessible, entrance fees range 5 to 16 euro depending on the site (8-9 average).

As for handicapped accessibility, this website should be helpful:
If you want to take the most of your visit, count on me for a tour of the best Historical Monuments!

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