To Grand Palace Bangkok via river canal

What time does the river boat trips start in the morning? I plan to cruise in one along the chao phayah river and I want to get off at the Grand palace. At what stop should I get off - Tha thein Pier or Tha Chang Wang Luang? How much would I spend on this river boat cruis and how long will it take me to get to the Grand palace? Many thanks!!!


City: Bangkok Metropolis

Province: Krung Thep

Country: Thailand


all depends where you start as to how long it takes you can get off at both those up to you then itsjust a short walk to the palace id advise you to say to the man on the boat Grand Palace and he will give yopu a sign as to where you get off,it will cost you around 9 baht you call it a cruise but dont expect to much from these boats and i guess youve heard how dirty the canals and rivers are in BKK so it can be quite smelly in places although definately worth doing....have fun!
Hi, the express boat starts around 06:00 every day. For Grand Palace visit you need to get off at Tha Chang. around 18:00 will be the last boatservice.
Fares depend on where you get in and go out. I suggest you have a look a look at for more information.

There is many kind of boat at Sapan Taksin Pier, you can get tour boat (a year ago it was 1500 baht/1.30 h, not sure how much for now), with this kind of boat you can see the river in small canal... or if you would like to see just the main river(which is already nice) then they have 3 flag, yellow, orange, and blue... the express boat with blue flag is the boat for tourism but they have not often coz they have a guide to explain about things along the river you pass... another 2 flag has all day. You have to get out at Tha Chang Pier which is closest to the Grand Palace (The Grand Palace is start around 8.30 till 15.30) after you see around Grand Palace, I suggest you to go to Wat Pho because there is one of the nicest place you should visit. Have fun with your trip. ^_^
Hi Dillon
With your request you may find a couple of sound suggestions
already displayed by Localytes.
Answer the questions to yourself first:
< At what time you would start?
< Where do you embark?
< To get off at Wat Po is great - because you make the trip
the other way round. After that you stroll to
< Wat Phra Kheow / Grand' Palace and last not least:
< Those guys in BKK, who manage the "tourist boats" are sound enough in english to bring you / let you out at the
right place.
< Enjoy your stay / visit / trip to Wat Phra Kheow. ;-)
Hi you have to be more specific in your questions. However, you may catch a boat or long tail as we call them. Dont touch the water many nasties live in it, then get off at the Palace.
Have fun.

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