Hi we are coming to Malta in May for 1 week and would be interested in ideas for things to see. We will hire a car for a week and will... staying at St julians. We love walking, sightseeing and beaches. Any ideas would be great Thanks


Country: Malta


Mdina (used to be Malta's first capital city)
Valletta (the present capital city nowadays) - meseums, st.john's cathedral, the national library, the street market, cafe cordina (the oldest cafeteria here) and more

then you can also visit this site - www. visitmalta . com
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Malta is a good choice for walking, sightseeing and (small) beaches. The north of Malta is good for walking and there are some spectacular views. Head for the village of Mannikata then park somewhere and disappear into the countryside. Most of the beaches are also in the north, though the sea is not very warm yet. Try Golden Bay, Paradise Bay and Mellieha Bay. There are others worth a look as well. Ask the hire car company for a map or buy one from a staionery shop. There are lots of intersting places for sightseeing from ancient temples to fortified cities (Valletta, Senglea, Cospicua). As you are staying in St. Julians, a great place to eat is the Tal Kazin restaurant (it's in the old St. Julians Band Club). Lots of other great restaurants as well. Enjoy your holiday.
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hi there, yes that's great. I can prepare a schedule for you. How many people are coming over? I can also offer you my tour services for a price. My contact number is 00356 7930 9217
well st julians is renowned for its nightlife, so you can rest assured that your evening is packed with visiting different pubs / bars / clubs / restaurants depending on your likings and age

with regards to the day: you definately would need to visit the malta nice beaches such as golden bay, mellieha and creeks like blue grotto on the west of malta facing one of the maltese islands; filfla. minutes far is one of the oldest standing buildings on earth - the Hagar Qim temples - you definitely would want to see them. also if you can get yourself a boat to another island - comino - where you can visit the blue lagoon bay which is another amazing bay

with regards to culture, you definitely would want to go to mdina and valletta as others already said. also you might want to spend some time in the three cities, where you can let yourself be indulged in malta's history
well if you are staying at st julians you already have everything you need. If you love beaches you re in the perfect place..May is the best month of the year as it is neither too hot nor cold. I will just giev you some names...beginning from the south : Pretty Bay in Birzebbuga...wonderful beach. Marsaxlokk for fish and if you go on a sunday theres the weekly market.There are some nice bars in Marsascala. Then if you want to see our history i suggest Imdina, Cottonera and Valletta. Also visit Hagar qim, Mnajdra and Ghar dalam...if you like temples.Then if you want to take long walks go to the North of malta...much more nature especially Selmun and Buskett. And while you re there visit Gozo,,,its worthwhile.
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I'm glad to hear you're coming to Malta as I feel sure you've done the right choice in choosing this little haven over anywhere else for your trip this Summer. It's good to have hired a car as it will give you freedom and flexibility, and I usually do that when I travel myself. In one week you can see many aspects of Malta. You have the natural beauty in itself, the marvellous historical monuments and palaces, rich churches and simple countryside chapels, the oldest freestanding structures in the world - the neolithic temples and other archaeological wonders.... all this is free for you to see. Should you come to need the services of a fully licensed guide, I'd be happy to show you the most you can see in a day, 2 or more, depending on your time and requirements. Feel free to contact me on or +356 99245904 at any time convenient to you. I work freelance and should be available in May. Wish you a great trip - one to remember for a lifetime. Warm rgds, Charmaine
Hi,St.Julians is an ideal area cause there is a lot one can do....if you love walking,there is long stretch of promenade,which can be enjoyed both during daytime and leads up to Sliema,Gzira and Ta` Xbiex,but then again the real beauty of the island is(I think) towards the north...beaches like `Paradise Bay`,`Armier Bay`.You could also visit Gozo..which I think anyone coming to Malta must make it a must to visit this "jewel" in the mediterranean..only 20 minutes boat(you go preferably by car),You could go to DWEJRA and see for yourself one of the proposed `seven wonders`of the world...anyway there is a lot one can do on this little island..Hope you have a wonderful time.
in malta there is many places of interest
walking on the cliff side West is the beautiful part of the island ,where you could also find Hagar Qim one of the oldest temples in the word and also protected by unesco,here you can also find 2 picturesque bays Ghar Lapsi and Blue Grotto where some boats take you to visit some caves .then if you keep walking to the north of Malta you will find dingly cliffs,where it leads you to the old city of malta Mdina ,and next to it Rabat where this old villege has alot to see from history.then as beaches we have mellieha bay ,golden bay ,gharmier bay,gnejna bay,these are the best we have in malta,if you look on my pictures of diving you could see many places of malta
Hi there,

Well - I think my colleagues here in Malta have as they say - said it all.

Malta is a great place to visit especially for the history and ancient background.

If you would like me to organise a qualified guide to join you for a day or more - just let me know or if you would like a more affordable option then I can book you on some of our great local tours. We have one of the best guides doing the tours.

You will go back to the hotel richer with information even maybe more than the Maltese people themselves know...

Anyways - let me know. My work email address is

Cheers - see ya soon

"Let our experience make yours a great one!"
Coming to Malta in May is the ideal time. It should be dry and warm although the sea is still a bit on the cool side at around 19 degrees.
St. Julian's is central and easy walking distance from restaurants, a small beach at St. George's Bay and the promenade to the shops in Sliema. The best beaches are Mellieha and Golden Bay in the north. While at Golden Bay have lunch at Agliolio at the Radisson BLU Golden Sands Hotel. Don't miss a day in Gozo. The only comfortable way to get there and get around is with your own rental car. While there visit Il-Ggantija which is the oldest man-made structure in the world. Ramla Bay has lovely orange sand. Xlendi is a cute miniature 'fjord' and have lunch at 'Paradise' restaurant where you should eat his prawns and/or his calamari and/or fresh lobster if available. Don't forget the Citadel in the capital Victoria.
A lovely drive around the south of the island includes the 'Three Cities' - Cospicua, Vittoriosa, and Senglea followed by the fishing village of Marsascala. (Lunch at La Favorita - try their Fisherman's soup - it's a meal on its own)Continue to Marsaxlokk and Birzebbuga. Then drive inland towards Dingli, Rabat and end with tea at 'Fontanella' in Mdina. Spend a day doing museums etc in Valletta.

Welcome to our island:)

I am sure you will find Malta has to offer so much more than you have expected that you would want to come back again and again :)

So, you like sight seeing: Malta is ideal, because its small and you have a variety .You can see our numerous churches around the island with beautiful baroque facades and paintings. Apart from our capital city Valletta , you can visit Mdina (old capital city) and Rabat (very close to it) and visit the catacombs and the Roman remains. Then you can drive to the south of Malta and spend a day in the Three Cities, Cottonera and visit the Inquisitor's Palace or the Maritime Museum or just walk beside the sea and see the fortified bastion of St. Angelo. You can go to the see the Hagar Qim megalithic temples in Zurrieq and Mnajdra, the oldest pre-historic temples on the island. You can visit Tarxien Neolithic temples and book to visit the Hypogeum (a unique experience as it is the only one in the world -an underground necropolis).

You mentioned the beaches - well Malta offers sandy and rocky beaches. You can got to Golden Bay and Mellieha Bay, but if you like white rocky beaches, in Pembroke and White Sands(which is close to St Julians) is just fine. Sliema also is heaven for sun bathers and so is Bugibba.

As for hiking - Malta is a haven. If you like nature sightseeing you will see small orchids which are unique to our flora. You can visit the Nature Reserve in Ghadira (in Mellieha - just opp the beach) and you walk along Mistra or Mellieha for lovely scenery.

I don't know if you would like to visit our sister island Gozo - it is worth a visit- as you can go back in time and see our craftmanship at first hand.

Taste our Maltese wine and ask for hobz biz-zejt (which literally means bread with olive oil), our bread is fantastic and so is our cuisine.

Enjoy your stay :) I am sure you will

well if you really love walking sightseeing and sandy beaches the best option is to visit the sister island as well gozo! in gozo there are more places where you can walk calmly and enjoy the panoramic views of this sweet little island besides that if you are interested in archaeology you may visit the ggantija temples which are the oldest freestanding temples in the world and they are older when compared to the temples we have in malta infact we beleive that in ancient times gozo might have been inhabited before malta was!!! on gozo you may also visit the main town! rabat more known as victoria over there you may visit the citadel in which you will be fining some very interesting museums such as the old prisons,the gozo museum of archaeology and many more! and ofcourse the beautiful gozo chatderal! another important stop is definetley dwejra where you will be seeing the azure windown which was formed within the years thanks to sea breakers which penetrated the limestone! what about beaches? oh yes in gozo we have the beutiful ramla beach! it`s a very sandy beach and it is absolutely stunning! u may also see ramla beach if you visit calypso`s cave which is in xaghra! since this cave overlooks the beach!!!if you decide to go to ggantija which is also in xaghra u may also visit calypso`s cave! ;-) well i think that i included a whole gozo tour over here! if you really love all this! don`t give only space to the main island try to visit gozo as well! enjoy
Looks like we are going to have fantastic weather in May so countryside walks or relaxing on the beach is just perfect!
If you are interested in history we have lots of that too.... Mdina & Valletta are a must to visit.... then there are the temples of Hagar Qim & Mnajdra... and also a visit to Gozo (Malta's sister island) cannot be missed.... you could make a day trip in gozo visiting the Cittadella, Xlendi, Ta Pinu & Marsalforn..... ENJOY!
Hi guys,

If its walking and sightseeing you're after all you need to do is follow the link below. It will connect you to the FREE walking guides offered by the Malta Tourism Authority. They are beutiful areas and very easy to get to if you can follow the instructions. Hope you enjoy your stay let me know if you need anything. Trevor

you can go to many places. If you want you can book through NSTS and we can guide you to various places including Gozo, Valletta (Malta experience), we have our own aquacentre which you can access for free, and we can also take you to Limestone Heritage, Marsaxlokk.... if you want more information you can visit and contact us via e-mail.
you can go to many places. If you want you can book through NSTS and we can guide you to various places including Gozo, Valletta (Malta experience), we have our own aquacentre which you can access for free, and we can also take you to Limestone Heritage, Marsaxlokk.... if you want more information you can visit and contact us via e-mail.

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