Parking fees in Suwannapoom Airport?

Hi all, could you please tell me how much it will cost me to park my car in Suwannapoomi airport for 7 days? How much are their parking fees? Please give me a link or tell me a website where I can check this out. Thank you.


City: Bangkok Metropolis

Province: Krung Thep

Country: Thailand


Try this link and it is from Friday 1st Feb 2008


Better and safer to get a taxi and leave your car at home. Much cheaper too.
Safe trip
Well, I could not remember how much for an hour,I m not sure around 50 Bath, I think. but if you leave your car for 7 days, that too much ..maybe you can park your car at my place then i will take care of your car ^^
At Suvarnabhumi Airport you have various options for parking:
If you chose the "Arrival/Departure" Parking it's heavy.
Around the airport you have substantial "long term parkings"; find out with the link of previous Localites!
The cost will be 250 Baht/day for A&B parking terminal (having 5 floor), and 140 Baht for long term parking. Check out here, but it's in Thai, no English version :-(
I don't know where's yr place...better compare with the taxi cost and the most convenient for you.
see this

long term parking is 140Bht / day , I always leave my car there, it is cheaper for me than taxi since I am out in Bangkhae and taxi to airport is around 600 bht one way
Dont park at or near the airport. Friends left pickup for 3 days, had pucture spare wheel missing,only airport this could have gone missing. You tell them the length of time and this is a licence to steal.
I would take a taxi even if I was living in Bangkae,
get out and in, in front of the airport. Sometimes use the limo service at the airport if I don't want to negotiate with cab-drivers. THB 1200 one way, but relaxed.


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