Im flying over to Schwabisch-hall on july 04 this year. I wonder if there is any web page where i can observe typical festivals or...

...celebration in that town or any other close to it. i will be studying in there until october cause then i will move to bremen, so i would love to know about festivities there as well. Thanks! Danke!


Country: Germany


Hi Fatima,
Schwäbisch-Hall has its own homepage. Check it out: . You can find much information there.

Furthermore that city is not far from other great cities you should visit while you are there. You can go to Stuttgart (), Würzburg (), Nürnberg (), Mannheim (), Heidelberg (-> you should really go there, it's said to be one of the beautiest cities in Germany.), Ingolstadt ( and Ulm () - all within 2 hours or less.

Trips to Frankfurt or Munich could take a bit longer but they are definitly worth it.

I haven't been to Bremen yet, but you can check out the homepage, too.
Since you arrive in Bremen in Octobre the festival season might already be over then but I'm sure nevertheless you'll find a lot to do there....

Enjoy your trip and have a great time in Germany!! :)
Thank u!...
Hi, I just scanned the festival website (link below). Unfortunately the only updated list is in German. Are you able to read Deutsch?

Thank u! i can't read Deutsch that much.. sorry.. :)not yet---
go to

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