Considering a trip to Chiang Mai in March or April. I hear in March it’s covered in haze from the farmers doing back burning but is...

...April as bad?


City: Chiang Mai

Province: Chiang Mai

Country: Thailand


Hello Nile Guide User.
To answer your question, no April is not as bad as March. Although, depending on the area you are in, the smoke can become more than a minor irritant.
These fires have been lit for centuries by the hill people and their neighbours in Laos and Burma ( Myanmar ).
In the monsoon season the smoke goes away.
If you come to CM and the smoke gets bad, come down to Phuket, we still have clear air down here.
Heja ..... there's nothing wrong or bad with March / April in North of Thailand !!!!!
Only one thing: it is hot, very hot, the hottest monthes (thou' without burning) .... ;-)
It's Not as Bad as it used to be anymore, & it also depends on the weather, + if they R burning the old waste from the Rice crops, to get ready for the, planting of the corn?, But You should try to be here for Songkran, It's a Must, best times are here,are Songkran & Loi Kratung, April & November.We live Very Near to the Mountains in Chiang Dao,70Klms north of Chiang Mai, & We Hardly Notice it anymore, just a few days of it, & it's minimal, Paul.
did you mean in 2011? in March and april....there are the summer of's very 35-40 degree but it' not cover in haze so Chiang's just pollution...if you would like to come for see cultural, some Chiang mai....can i recommend you on april is better cause...on 13-15 of april every years..there are Song Kran festival......for 3 days...everybody in Chiang mai'll enjoy with the splash water for relaxing from the hot whether....that's very fun.....and you'll get the experiance about the during days...

best regard

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