Will visit the hockey hall of fame in three days. Please recommend a good, cheap hotel near the place.


City: Toronto

Province: Ontario

Country: Canada


That's going to be extremely difficult. The HHF is in the heart of the financial district downtown. Depending on your idea of a cheap hotel,staying more north of the downtown and taking the easily navigated subway to Union Station might be your best bet.
If you are looking for cheap accommodation, check the International Hostels downtown. You can get a private room for much less than you would pay for a hotel room.

I used to work for Hostelling International Toronto (a few blocks from the HHoF and you can get a private room there for $89 without a membership.

You can also try Global Village Backpackers

Or Canadiana Hostel

If you have not stayed in a hostel recently they are not what you might imagine. Travelers of all sorts are discovering hostels are a great place to stay. They can be much more social than hotels because you can use the common rooms and kitchen. The hostels also run events for guests!

As for hotels, there is a Super 8 Hotel in Chinatown that has rooms for about $100.

I hope you enjoy your visit to Toronto!
Hotels in downtown Toronto are typically of the major chain variety are not particularly cheap as a rule. Your best bet would probably be the Hotel Victoria (Yonge Street) which is only about a block from the Hockey Hall of Fame. Otherwise the Holiday Inn Express (Lombard Street) and the Cambridge Inn Suites (Richmond Street) are reasonably priced.

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