Need a nice beach resort/hotel at Cabo San Lucas,Mexico.

Should'nt be too expensive,but should be clean, on the beach and service should be good.


City: Cabo San Lucas

State: Baja California Sur

Country: Mexico


Hello my friend,it will be nice to have you in our beautiful Cabo San Lucas, you have to be aware that all the resorts that are placed on the beach, are a little bit expensive, and of course the service is really great, my advise to you, go to the websites and search for the offers that they have, sometimes you will be able to find deals for $70 per night, you just have to search. Let me give you a tip, if you go to and choose Los Cabos destiny, you will fins some deals i¡on ther website, but you can have $300 dollars for Resort Credit if you qualify to their presentation, and it's only 90 mins, you don't have to buy, just go, attend the presentation, don't buy, and like that, you'll have $300 fo free to spend in their hotel, and you can do the same for all the different resorts that have timeshare and offer this kind of deals.
I hope this can be useful to you!

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