Can I pay (in restaurants and stores) in EUR in Prague, or I need CZK? If I want to change currency is it ok to go to an exchange... or I have to go to a bank?


Capital city: Prague

Country: Czech Republic


Depends on where you go. Some places take Euro, some places only take kc. I suggest you change your currency before you get to Prague. Their rate of exchange is high priced. I suggest you use a ATM card or Credit/Debit. Use the ATM machines to withdrawl kc and it will save some money! Have a nice stay!
You can pay in EUR in general but you will have a bad exchange rate, change money at the airport or just take money from any ATM of the city (in the airport are also ATMs) (small fee).

Have fun
don't use exchange places, their advertisment is very deceptive. use atm's or change at a bank but ask for the final amount of czk first. possibly best are csob or ceska sporitelna...
You can pay with Euro in restaurants, some shopping centers, hotels and many others resorst, most of the time they give you czech crowns as a change.....and the best exchange office you can change money is in the Kaprova street n.15, in case anybody doesnt take euro, you can use your credit card (doesnt count small markets for example...)...have a nice stay :-)
Best option for you is using your credit card when you pay or withdraw from ATM and you get Kc.Most hotels and shops accept Visa and Mastercard without problems.Please,dont forget that main currency in Kc and always,when you pay dirctly in Euro,you get a bad rate :-( Have a nice stay :-)
if you wish to change money at a good rate (in case you decide to take cash), i'd suggest checking exchange offices on Politickych Veznu street and down. it's the street that is perpendicular to Na Prikope (down of the Wenceslas square), with the main post office at the corner. one of the 3 small exchange points closer to the Na Prikope street usually has a good rate.

do NOT change money at Western Union or other exchange points on the main square - you'll get a worse rate than if you even paid in euros directly, they're a horrible rip off :).

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