Are there money changers in Beijing. What is the rate offered for US$ by them

Planning to visit China soon. A friend said that one had to visit Banks to change money and the process takes a very long period


City: Beijing

Municipality: Beijing

Country: China


yeah, you have to go to banks for currency exchange, the ratio is consistant with golbal exchange ratio, varys from time to time, and the process won't take long! Ask for help at the information center, they will assist, will be much much faster !
Wish u a pleasant trip in Beijing, it is beautiful this time of year !
Just go to a Bank of China, mate. The rates may be somewhat higher but you can be assured that they money won't be counterfeited and you won't be dealing with shady people in seedy areas. Chinese banks are fairly civilised and the service, at least for Laowai (foreigners) is great. You should be out of there within ten minutes.
As soon as u will land on Airport ,you can find automatic money exchanger machines (also some "human" counters) .(2nd and 3rd floor of the terminal 2 where u will be arriving).
As anywhere in the world they will take some normal service charges .

If u not in a hurry ,you can change it outside the airport in any bank, which is also very convenient.

wish you a great journey.
can i suggest that you credit your visa or mastercard with your funds and then you can withdraw it from any atm machine anywhere, so maybe bring some cash if you lose your card
There are changers everywhere. You'll get a much better rate at the banks than at the airport (but of course, you'll have to change some for the taxi). There are also a few places around town that will have FedEx and can change it for you. The exchange rate is almost fixed so the difference is just a matter of a few yuan.
welcome to Beijing of china! you may change your money at bank the rate 1USD=6.5RMB (according to 5th october bank )maybe lots of local pepole,so long time to wait, other chioce is you may change your money at receiption desk of the hotel you lived.(above 3 star ranking),that is not problem. we provide beijing airport Benz Van pick up service,beijing tour guide escorting service,hope hear from you soon.
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You can take your passport to the bank in china.The ratio is 1dollar for 6.6905yuan on Oct,2010.It's convenient in Beijing.
From my experience, airport banks rate is not good. Bank of China, and ICBC's rate are better most times. Or you can go to the Friendship store in Jianguomen,
get a exchange very quick.

Use any ATM with your normal credit card. You get good rates trough your bank. If you want to change cash you can do it at the airport or at any bank. It might take 10 minutes and be a bit of a hassle but the bank staff are normally very helpful. Why do it the illegal way with all rĂ­sks? Just for saving a few minutes. No, no idea.
Yeah, every bank in Beijing can exchange money for you. less chance of getting counterfeit money which is all over the place and you won't get ripped off in the exchange

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