Hello! I'm coming to spain soon, Costa Daurada, in may, and want to see some cities, what is better to see in region Valencia and how...

...can i get from city Salou to other cities?


Country: Spain


Go to Valencia... Salao etc. are not that interesting. Valencia IS! You can check out what's on offer on one of the Valencia Tourism sites (google it). There is a high-speed train from Tarragona (salou area) to Valencia too... (). enjoy-
Dear Irina,

I'm sorry to disappoint you but... Costa Daurada is NOT in Valencia but in CATALUNYA. If you wanted to visit Valencia, then you should have choosen a town such as Cullera.

How ever, whoever says the Salou area is not interesting doesn't know anything about it and shouldn't be considered an expert.

The Costa Daurada has plenty of golden sand beaches, beach resorts and lightlife. You have there also the famous Universal Studios Port Aventura theme park.

If you want culture, then you must go to Tarragona and visit its Roman Ruins (UNESCO world heritage) and its Medieval quarter.
You also have nearby the area of the Cistercian Monasteries (specially Poblet and Santes Creus) and the medieval town of Montblanc. And don't forget about other medieval sites such as the Miravet castle, the Cartoixa d'Escaladei monastery, and Tortosa - city of the Three Cultures.
The town of Reus is the hometown of the famous architect Antoni Gaudí: although he didn't build anything there (you'll have to take the train or drive to Barcelona to see his major sites - 100km), they have recently opened a Gaudí Center to explain his architecture, plus the modernist buildings of the city center are also worth seeing.
In Vinyols i els Arcs there is the amazing Parc Samà, a romantic garden with rock towers, a lake, caves and lots of other intriguing corners.
If you like wine, you shouldn't miss the wineries and cellars in the Priorat, Terra Alta and the Penedès areas.
If you want to relax, then scape to lovely countryside villages such as Prades, Siurana or Guimerà, and enjoy their almond trees and olive trees fields.
And if you want to enjoy some nature, then you musn't miss the Ebro river Delta with its natural park and the many little villages and towns around it.

So who said the area wasn't fun? And all this is half way the distance you'd have to do to get to Valencia, which is 250km away from Salou. Sure you can do the city of Valencia in one day by train to get the feel of it, but you won't have time to get bored in Salou!

You'll find lots of information on Salou here:
Opinion is free, Marta. I lived in Salou for two years and that's mine.

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