I will be coming to Brazil for two weeks to learn portugese. can you help me decide between Barra, Salvador and Rio de Janero?


City: Rio de Janeiro

State: Rio de Janeiro

Country: Brazil


Barra is only a neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, far from most places. I`d recommend Rio for having a more neutral accent. Salvador is a nice place but the local portuguese has a strong accent. You should try an apartment in Catete or Flamengo, this will have lower cost for you.
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I am a tour guide here for 10 years now and for sure if you stay in Rio you will fall in love with our land!!!
You will have more options if you choose Rio to stay, it is more vibrant and it has the best brazilian profile!

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I would stay in Rio, you always have more options here, though Barra is quite faraway. You should try to stay around Copacabana area.
Hi, Barra is actually a suburb of Rio de Janeiro, although it can feel like a city in itself! It has a good beach and lots of shopping malls but it isn't really the place to come for an authentic Brazilian experience - they don't call it the United States of Barra for nothing! Rio and Salvador are both amazing places to visit and will deliver very different experiences- Rio is always lively, has amazing beaches and of course, sights such as the Christ Statue and Sugar Loaf. Salvador is smaller and much less westernised, although you may run out of things to do here more quickly than in Rio. As a Rio resident I would have to say opt for Rio- you will never get bored here!
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