Can you recommend me a great place to shop in Paris?


City: Paris

Region: Ile-de-France

Country: France


Hi there,
In Pariss, like in all of europe, you can shop in big Department stores. Now, it depends of the style of shopping you want to do. if you like fancy things and stylish one,s you will definitely head to the big department store called Galeries Lafayette, it is located in the Opera area, ask the Boulevard haussman street, people will tell you where it is located or ask a taxi driver to bring you there.
You will see others stores there too of all taste.
Now if you really want to put a price, go to Avenue Montaigne, there, you will definitely find haute couture clothes, but you have to put the dough.
After several places are also good for nice shopping, you cna go the the "Halles" or chatelet metro station, lots of small shops can be found there.
Now if you want to shop like locals and have little curiosity, beware of that area, you can go to the "marchés au Puces" located near the Metro Station "Porte de Clignancourt, you will find lots of thinsg at very affordable price. Beware of pickpocket. If you are a really beautiful woman, be ready to be engaged...
Try Blvd de Rennes, Galaries Lafayette, Le Bon Marché, Printemps or Tati. These stores can be easily found by asking a local or taxi driver. Have fun!
Hello, As mentioned Printemps, Galleries Lafayette, BHV, Bon Marche are your big department stores where you can see a lot of things without walking too far.

However, the unique boutiques can be found in the Marais district, the San Germain des Pres area, all along Rue de Faubourg-St Honore just to name a few areas.

I hope this helps and have fun while in Paris.
I agree with the others. I love Gallerie Lafayette. There is a really nice affordable self service restaurant on the top floor with views of Paris. I was shopping on my own and went to Cligancourt. I was bombarded with men, it was awful and quite worrying.Very dodgy area if you're alone.
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