hello, I am coming to Prague October 22nd for a few days

I am interested in sightseeing and taking photographs. Just one person. I would like to see some famous tourist spots, but also some places where only local people go. What would you recommend for one day schedule? What would be your rate per hour Sincerely Chris


City: Prague

Region: Central Bohemia

Country: Czech Republic


please, let me know what is your main interest in Prague? What you like to photograps?
There are many places out of tourist areas. Please, give me more details.
Borek Seehak
Hi, I live in Prague and I love to make photos everywhere I go (even in my own city:-))) - my husband is a photoreporter and I guided some foreign photographers too. I can show you such a kind of places - both the famous tourist ones as well as those that tourists do not know so much. It is not possible to recommend the spots now - the list would be too long... I have a car that can be used if you want to spend just 1 day with it. My rate per hour is 10 EUR. Hana

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