I heard that there is culture center in zamalak. I want to learn some egyptian instrument. But I tried to search information about...

...that, I can't found anything ;_; I want the name of culture center and it will be great that if it inculds some information about program;-)) thanx!!


City: Cairo

Governorate: Al Qahirah

Country: Egypt



In Zamalek as far as i know there is a culture centre called The Egyptian Centre for International culture cooperation , 11 Shagaret el Dor st. Tel: 27365419.

May be they can help you

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There are so many culture centers in Cairo. The most important one is El Sawy Culture Wheel, which located in El Zamalek. I posted their contact details below so that you can call them or pay them a visit for more information. They'll surely help you if you want to learn more about Egyptian instruments.

phone: 27368881 | Fax: 7354508 | Mobile: 0100999995,0100999994
26th of July street, just below 15 of May bridge, Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt
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the most famous one this one of zamalek with Around 30 festivals and contests per year

Average of three events every day

Arts, culture seminars and live performances at affordable prices

An average of 1500 visitors per day (nearly 500000 visitors per year)

All year round seven days a week from 8 am till the last show ends
it is located right under the 15th of May bridge on Zamalek ,26 Juli str,
Mobile: 0100999994

The most important center in Zamalek is the " Sawy Cultural wheel " you can see all it's programs on the net .
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Check their website :)


El Sawy Culture-wheel is a comprehensive cultural center located in Zamalek neighborhood right under the 15th of May bridge on Zamalek island.

Sakia holds literary and scientific seminars and initiate areas of dialogue in all subjects that are useful to the people.

The Sakia of Abdel-Moneim El Sawy has a general library, a children’s library, an electronic library, and a music library. In addition, it has a number of departments to teach the principles of art in all its branches. The Sakia is equipped with stages, cinema screens and all kinds of audio-visual aids.

The Sakia is open from 7:00am until 10:00pm. Smoking is not allowed in any section of the Sakia, including the garden.

Kindly find hereby its web site:

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The Sawy Culture Wheel is the most recommended one for learning egyptian music instruments in Zamalek. Below u can find their website (provided in many languages).

the site is so useful check it out
In the heart of Cairo; El Sawy Culturewheel is a cultural center laying on a 5,000 m² right under the 15th of May bridge on Zamalek island.
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sure the answers of all our friends here are all nice ,but if you need to know more information about anything and this kind of events...please visit the website of the Opera hours......
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