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1. The following hostels are all in or near Stockholm city centre, making them prime locations from which to shop and see the sights. Hostels means guests, generally speaking, should expect to share close quarters with fellow travellers, and that includes communal showers and toilets. It can make for a great way to get to know people from around the world.
City Backpackers Hostel in Stockholm

City Backpackers is in downtown Norrmalm, about a quarter-mile from the train station, at Upplandsgatan 2A. The hostel holds 100 beds and is open year-round. It holds security in high regard, with a security service checking the area nightly and the reception desk staffed until 2 a.m. Female-only rooms are also available.

In the way of amenities, guests can expect to find TV, laundry, sauna, lockers, and a kitchen, where there’s free pasta for guests to cook themselves. Breakfast is not included, but there’s also free tea, coffee and Internet access, and no curfew. Towels and sheets may be rented (sheets go for about 50 kroner). There’s a shoes-off policy inside the hostel, as well.

2. City Lodge Hostel sits a block in front of the central station on a quiet side street, at Klara Norra Kyrkogata 15. The kitchen contains a microwave, but no stove, and there’s laundry, lockers, TV, a lounge and free Internet access via wireless broadband. There’s no curfew here, either — guests may come and go as they please.

Sleeping with sheets on the beds is compulsory at City Lodge Hostel, and guests may rent them for about 50 kroner. Paper sheets are also available for about 30 kroner. Prices to stay overnight range from 200 kroner to bunk in 18-bed dorm, to 530 kroner for a single room. In the morning, guests may tuck into a buffet breakfast for about 60 kroner. Bookings may be made online, and should be made in advance.

3. Bed and Breakfast in Stockholm

Bed and Breakfast, at Rehnsgatan 21, is a tiny and woody hostel with 39 beds in various dorm-style rooms, near the Rådmansgatan subway station. Female-only rooms are available here, as is breakfast, which is included in the price of rooms. Guests may also enjoy tea, coffee and Internet access for free, but if they want to smoke, they need to go outside.

Bed and Breakfast has a kitchen, laundry and TV, but it doesn’t permit sleeping bags. Therefore, sheets are a must-have on the beds. Guests may bring their own, or rent them for about 50 kroner. Towels may be rented for about 10 kroner. The price to sleep in the hostel ranges from 270 kroner for a spot in a 10-bed room, up to 570 kroner for a single room. Bookings can be made online.

4. Af Chapman Hostel and Skeppsholmen Hostel in Stockholm

STF Youth Hostel Af Chapman/Skeppsholmen, located in the city centre at Flaggmansvägen 8 on the island of Skeppsholmen, offers guests the chance to sleep in a ship’s cabin after a day of seeing the sights nearby. The Af Chapman Hostel is the ship, docked near the yellow, 19th-century building that houses reception and additional rooms.

Beds are allocated in the boat hostel and the hostel building, bringing the total capacity to 280 guests. Amenities include TV, kitchen, laundry service and Internet access. The reception desk is open 24 hours, and there is no curfew. Breakfast is available for about 80 kroner.

An overnight stay at STF Youth Hostel Af Chapman/Skeppsholmen costs (for members) 185 kroner for a bed for an adult, to 520 kroner for a single room. Sheet rentals are 75 kroner. There is an additional fee of about 50 kroner for non-members. Bookings, which should ideally be made in advance, can be made online.

Central Stockholm offers travellers a few hostels to choose from, which include basic amenities for little cost. The savings can translate into more funds that can be spent on exploring Stockholm or the rest of Sweden, for those heading further afield. Travellers are advised to book their all their hostels in advance, to increase their chances — and peace of mind — of having places to stay.

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