Hello, I need a cheap double room in city of vik for 1 night . Vik hostel do not have double rooms available.


Country: Iceland


They must have a double room. But if you want something else there is a Edda Hotel there.
and about 5 km further east there's a nice country hotel
Vik is only a small village of less than 600 inhabitants. Look for accommodation in the guesthouses around Vik, like
Very good answer!
Hi I am in the outher side of the contry, so sorry can not help.
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Halldor Karlsson
just as someone has said Vík is a small village , if you will be hiring a car then you will have more choice , but if not then your choice is limited.
take a look here!
says that there are 3 hotels in Vík.
Hotel edda is popular take a look.

hotel lund dont seem to have a price list on line you need to contact
there is a guest house, but cant find details .
good luck and I am sure you will have a great time here in Iceland
If you want to stay in the pure nature on a farm I can recommend a nice farm, just 17km west of Vík. I worked there 3 years ago and the people are very nice. I could give you more information when you send me an email: .
If you want to stay directly in Vík than check out this website: . If you can't find something that you like than I can recommend some nice Hotels and guesthouses in Vík. ( I lived there for 3 years). There are two 3 star hotels. Hotel Lundi () is a quite nice hotel in the old part of the village right beyond the mountain Reynisfjall. Then there is another Hotel with belongs to the Edda Hotels in Iceland (). There they have only two bed room and the bath is inside the room. They also run 5 nice cottages just 50m from the hotel. Furthermore there is a nice hostel in Vík ( email: ; ). I have never visit it myself but I was told it is very nice.
In the next surrounding of Vík are several guesthouses and bigger Hotel, just like Hotel Höfðabrekka () which is a country hotel whith I supposes 4 stars. It´s quite expensive there (about 10.000 ISK/night).

With further question please contact me at the email I gave up above.


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