Dos anyone know good short courses of architecture in london? I know about the ones on the university of the arts, but they don't...

...match my dates :/ i'm going to stay in london from mid june until august. Thanks!


City: London

Constituent state: England

Country: United Kingdom


google Birkbeck University of london, I reckon you'll definately find courses there to match your schedule, good luck...:-)
I can never understand why people always look for short cuts.. What could you possibly learn about architecture in a month or two? Unless of course, you are already an architect and want to add something to your knowledge.. anyways, all the best. Hope you find what you're looking for
you learn nothing about architecture in a month. But if you are already doing a SIX YEAR LONG course on your country and travel to another place for just 2 months, looking for a short course to improve your knowlage.
You are looking for a summer course.
This is the website where u can find lots of possibility. You have to search summer classes, then you will find something.
Good luck!
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