Where is a good place to go for a romantic birthday dinner with great atmosphere?


City: Monterey

State: California

Country: United States


Anywhere near the water is good. website
Dont know about monterary Ca, but in Burnsville,NC there is a charming place called "in the garden" that has a charming patio and is run by a family who cooks,cleans,busses,talks to customers,serves etc. We actually only saw one gentleman there so he may be doing it all.The food takes a little longer since it is made from scratch when you order it and run by one family. They even have waterbowels for dogs down on the floor in the patio and when our dog finished hers, the gentleman brought a whole new doggy bowel with water out for her. Its a family run business for a family or for couples, we saw a lot of couples and a lot of fams. It is definatly a charming place and could very easily be romantic.The patio has a charming atmosphere.The full name is "in the garden eat and shop" I am sure they would add roses and candles to your table.They live to satisfy ALL their customers.

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