hi:) i need some help with this question: if i am in south Spain in Algericas, or Cadiz, or Sevilla and i need get to Lisbon...

...(Portugal) how it is possible? busses, trains, flight? i need some main points, main cities from where i can do it. busses stops, trains... :?


Country: Spain


if you want to do the cheapest route, that would probably be by bus. there are buses that leave sevilla and huelva that go to lagos, and then you can take a bus from lagos to lisbon. there are not many buses that run to either place, so you will need to plan the times accordingly. good luck!
Hi Juljia. The best to travel from Algeciras to Lisbon would be by car (just about 700km) but if you cannot than a plane is best. There are low cost airlines from Seville or Malaga direct to Lisbon. Check these site:

Enjoy your trip!
It will be easier for you going through Huelva.
Well i live in Marbella... and here there are busses that go to Lisbon a couple of times every week. I would amagine that they go trough Sevilla on the way. I drowe this rute once and we drowe right past Sevilla. And a big plus is that it's cheap whit the bus. Otherwise.. you can rent a car. Pic it up where you are (Algericas, Cadiz or wherever) and then leave it in Portugal. The bigger companys let you do that, there is also the possabillity of getting a car for free. Sometimes the car rental companys let you drive the car back for them for free. You pay the gas and they save money! So if someone rented a car in Lisbon, and drowe it somewhere close to you, you could just agree whit them to take the car back for them! Nice.. huh..!
The RENFE train website is
You can search by city and compare connections, prices, schedules... The main site is in Spanish, but you can choose to change to English as well.
Good luck!

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