I'm taking my girlfriend to Bali in March. What duration should be enough to see all the important sights there?

Will a week's stay in Bali be enough to cover all important sights yet not make us feel too rushed?


City: Daoehpoeri

Province: Bali

Country: Indonesia


actually if you want to explore all part there you need more than a week at least you need 10 days
yes its enough to explore bali in one week, 14 days to see the indonesia
I think since you're not Indonesian and want to experience more about Bali and Indonesia's culture you need 2-3 weeks. You'll find a lot of new things by learning directly from local people..
A week stay is actually the best way to do it, and lets be real, for most people who are on holiday, they only have one week. Usually I have helped people in packages that are 5 days, the first day is pick up from airport and drop at hotel, then the next three days are full tours around the island, the last day back around hotel. In just one day you can easily and comfortably get to around 6 tourist destinations. For example: pick up from Hotel, drive to tanah lot water temple, then shopping in the local market, then drive over to Ubud's monkey forest, and see some local paitings,watch a Balinese dance, go on over to the Ubud rice terraces and end the day back in Jimbaran for a candlelight seafood dinner. Ok hope this helps, if you need anything else, just ask!!!
It's so much depends on your preference for sure. If you travel fast enough, 1 week will be enough. If you enjoy slacking off at the beach waiting for sun set, than 1 week is not enough.

So what's your plan? Just email me at
Two weeks will be ideal for your stay in Bali. You can combine between relaxing, culture and adventure. please mail me if you need the program in details. (
a week? it depends in what u really need.. if u want enjoy d day with ur girlfriend in a pleasure or romantic things (only sight seeing) it's enough... but if u want to see all d part of the culture maybe u must add an extra time :) maybe a week and a half...
you can take a week there and spend yout time with your girlfriend to see the beautifull of bali island.
A week will be too fast to see Bali, since 5 days are just enough to cover southern Bali (not yet the marvelous beaches in North and East). Probably u'll need about 10-12 days to enjoy Bali altogether.
the best duration to spend the holiday in Bali is about 1-2 weeks, so both of you really hv enough time to explore Bali and relax.don't forget to visit ubud,kuta, kintamani for the Batur mount and many others interesting places. pls e-mail me @ budiasih_nice , if there's anything that i can do to make your holiday unforgettable memory.
One week is enough to explore Bali

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