Which Romanian - Bulgarian boarder crossing is the fastest and safest?


Country: Romania


I confirm, Giurgiu,
It depends on where in Romania you will be, but if you are in Bucharest, Giurgiu is the closest, due south
It depends where you want to go in Romania. Romanian - Bulgarian boarders are usually fast and safe. If you want to go to Bucharest the boarder at Ruse (Giurgiu) is the closest, but it might be a little crowded, you could also try the boarder at Vama Veche, it's a lot more uncongested. I don't think that you will face any problems at any of these boarders :) Have a nice trip.
Hello friend, i can confirm that Giurgiu is the fastest, safest and cheapest way to cross the boarder to Bulgaria, i strongly recomment it.Cheers.
Giurgiu, in my opinion too.
I'd also recommend Giurgiu. Vama Veche is okay, we never had problems!:)
Sorry man, I do not know..hopefully the other localytes will give you a proper answer
It may be in Bulgaria from Romania through border points: Vama Veche, Calarasi, Giurgiu.
Vama Veche could be a variant.
Unanimous answer: Giurgiu-Ruse
Giurgiu - Ruse is the the safest boarder, but sometimes it can be pretty crowded.I strongly recommend it!Fare well!
Russe-Giurgiu is the best, Vama Veche and Calarasi ar a little far from Bucharest and honestly Calarasi in my opinion is not that safe. Have a good trip!
giugiu is the most often used ,safest and fastest border crossing point.
safe journey ,
Allrigt mate! I travel very often to bulgaria (as my wife to be is bulgarian) and I belive that the Giurgiu- Russe border point is the fastest! I mean...all of them are safe but this one is cheaper (6 euro for car) and less hassle!But the again depends where in Bulgaria U want to go!!When u get to Bulgaria do not forget to get a Vinetka (sort of road tax). If u need more help about both Romania and Bulgaria feel free to contact me
It depends where do you want to go in Bulgaria but like everybody said Giurgiu is. You can try the Chiciu border cross with the ferryboat and from Silistra to Varna you have a short way.
As said before,it depends where you are coming from and what plans do you have. The fastest and the easiest to reach,if you are in Bucharest, or if you are heading towards Bucharest, is the Ruse,Giurgiu point. Safest and easier to cross?Well, it depends, I can imagine that any of the border points will ask for identification and sometimes to have a look in your trunk, so be careful and hide those big guns that you are carrying around the place. So be sure that you have a valid ID and if you are carrying underage children that are not yours, and if their parents are not around, please make sure that you have a legal confirmation from their parents.Otherwise, everything should be OK, Take care and safe journey!
Giurgiu - Ruse is the best option.
You can choose between Giurgiu-Ruse and Vama Veche. If you choose the first, you will cross the border from Giurgiu to Ruse over the Danube, on a bridge called "The Bridge of Friendship".
Giurgiu - Ruse is the best one
The border point in Romania is Giurgiu the border point in Bulgaria is Ruse.
Have a nice trip
Yes, Giurgiu!
Giurgiu of course is the usual one, but during this period it might be a little crowded, as a lot of Romanians are spending the Easter and the 1st of May (Labour Day in Romania) in Bulgaria. If you are not in a hurry, and you are curious to see also Romania's seaside, you can choose Vama Veche too. I wouldn't worry about the safety, but I heard a lot of stories about cars stolen and buses robbed on the Bulgarian roads. Have a nice and safe trip!
The fastest and safet Romanian-Bulgarian border crossing is the bridge over the Danube between Giurgiu (Romania) and Ruse (Bulgaria). But, as others have said before me, it depends where are you coming from/going to. There are some other alternatives, mostly by ferry boat over the Danube, but the fastest, safest and most used is this one.

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