Which one is better - San Diego Zoo or Seaworld?

We only have time to go to one of these places so I need to choose one. My friends and I haven't decided yet. Between these two, where do you suggest we go?


City: San Diego

State: California

Country: United States


I have been to both and it really depends on what your interests are. Seaworld is really cool because it's all about sea creatures-there are shows that are pretty fun for everyone. The zoo is all land creatures and again full of fun for everyone. I suggest you make a decision based on your interest in land versus sea.
The Zoo is much larger than Seaworld. Zoo requires a lot of walking around. Seaworld not as much. I have been to both and I like Seaworld better as my kids got tired quickly at the Zoo. At Seaworld, we attended a show after another so it is more relaxing.
Been to both and the Zoo was better for me, the shows are a pain to schedule if you are busy at seaworld
I recommend the Zoo because it is located in the middle of Balboa Park which is a gorgeous set of palacial buildings housing some great museums, including currently an exhibition of Body Worlds at the Museum of Natural History.
Zoo - it's in Balboa Park, and there is lots to do (IMAX, great food, gorgeous grounds) if you tire of the zoo itself, which is amazing. As a kid, I preferred Sea World, but as an adult, the Zoo!
I would choose the zoo as well and because it's set in Balboa Park you can give yourself a little time there too. You can taylor your trip there to what interests you.
The zoo has a greater variety of things to see and is more casual.

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